Barra Project International: industrial equipment to increase efficiency in production plants

With over 40 years of experience, Barra Project International offers high degree of plant and product customization and design, planning, and production all made in Italy

 3 macro areas of competence born from the desire to offer 360° support in the management of bulk organic and/or inorganic solid material of different size in every industrial sector: from wood to plastic, from cement to aggregate, from milling to animal feed and much more.

1. AIRFLASH® & AIRFOM® – compressed air cannons

Compressed air fluidization systems for granular materials stored in silos, hoppers, load cells, connection channel etc. The air-cannon, powered by compressed air (Pmax 10bar), generates a shock wave that acts directly on the material to be released without affecting the storage structures: these high-speed air injections eliminate bridges, compactions and incrustations of material that otherwise would reduce the load capacity of the storage facility and impede their emptying. The fluidizing action of the cannon is an improvement compared to traditional vibration systems whose use is often counterproductive as they increase the level of compaction of the material, damage the structures and cause noise pollution.

As various and different are the industrial realities, so wide and varied is the range of Barra Project air-cannons, suitable for equipping any type and size of storage structures (cannon range from 0,5Lt to 150Lt; application temperatures [-10°C; +100°C]; possible to be installed even in areas subject to corrosion and/or thermal radiation).

Main advantages:

a. reduction/elimination of downtime risks due to the storage structures blocking

b. greater safety for local operators thanks to the elimination of direct manual interventions to

release the clogged materials

c. continuous movement of the material and cleaning action of the structures; this avoids the creation of dead zones where the material is at deterioration risk for long periods of storage and optimizes the capacity of the storage facility

2. ECOFOG® – nebulization plants to reduce industrial dusts

Thanks to the production of fog by spraying water at low pressures (air 2÷3bar; water 0.2÷0.5bar), ECOFOG® technology captures the dust particles avoiding their dispersion in the environment. The fog moistens the dusts making them fall back on the material itself and binding them to the material in a cohesive way, therefore the classic procedures for collecting and disposing of industrial dusts are not necessary (which happens instead for traditional filtration systems).

Main advantages:

a. The infinitesimal water supply used for the fog creation does not wet the material: thus

eliminating the need for drying treatments

b. ECOFOG® facilitates the movement of highly volatile materials: with a constant nebulization ECOFOG® manages to weigh down the particles on the material thus reducing their dispersion.

3. RASKIA® – cleaners for rubber conveyor belts

Simple, robust and space-saving cleaners. Thanks to modular sector scraping blades and elastomer shock absorbers, continuous adhesion to the carpet is guaranteed even in the case of belt discrepancies and in conditions of wear of the scraping blade. Since the characteristics of the materials to be removed are different, different are also the models of RASKIA® cleaner: blades entirely in high wear resistance polyurethane, blades in polyurethane with hard metal scraping insert, blades entirely in steel with hard metal insert. RASKIA® cleaners are also versatile in terms of tensioning solutions: mechanical, pneumatic and pneumatic self-powered rechargeable tensioning, specially designed for those positions that are difficult to access.

1 young and dynamic engineering team, an agile and lean production, years of experience and close collaboration with its customers for creating ad hoc solutions and experimental installations, are the ingredients of Barra Project International Srl which makes available to the market its products, designed to provide the right support at every stage of your production chain: a more efficient production plant is safer and less expensive to manage.

Barra Project International does not sell products, it provides solutions!