ZANOLA NETWORK: More than 30 years of innovation and commitment to quality

ZANOLA NETWORK is highly recognized in the market for everything about mould finishing parts

ZANOLA NETWORK is a young, flexible and dynamic business network that conducts activities on behalf of third party in the moulds for plastic injection sector.

ZANOLA NETWORK follows the logic and the will of its founder, Alfredo Zanola, that, working day by day since 1985, has built these two companies willing to satisfy more and more his customers, relying on quality and productive innovation rather than on a mere pricing policy strategy.

Because of this, the company has become a sort of “Moulds Factory” which provides the finishing services only or the entire supply chain from the project development, prototyping, construction, finishing to the assembly and the realization of the plastic particulars with maximum quality and professionalism for each phase.

The historic brand in the network is ZANOLA ZWT, highly known for over 30 years in the market for everything that concerns the moulds finishing part: in relation to polishing, the company has patented its own polishing scale “Scala Zanola” and other manners of optical lapping, welding (laser, tig, mig, plasma) and it started many cooperation and won many awards thanks to its MicroincisioneR and laser engraving.

In the last 6 years, it has improved its moulds planning and construction knowledge that is why it can provide a full service, being equipped with a milling/CAM department in which it has heavily invested, already having the necessary technical knowledge for every step of moulds construction.

Moulds project development and construction

This is an innovative technical department that creates 3D digital designs starting from the mathematics of the product or from a real item. A group of people with more than 10 years of experience and young designers ready to always offer more innovative and bright ideas especially in the mould modification phase.

The information flow starts from the technical department and spreads in the production department through a technological network that guarantees the file management system and provides real and immediate information. The company also provides a prototyping service that uses a technology that can reproduce very complex items in a short period of time starting from the mathematics realized through CAM 3D.

ZANOLA NETWORK can reach a resolution up to 16 micron, with smooth surfaces and extremely precise details. Then the items can be varnished or given a metallic effect following the customers’ instructions.

It does not have a single reference market but, thanks to its approach to every single process, it gained a deep experience and the possibility to manufacture many kinds of products: hydraulic and electric sectors, lenses, visors and helmets, cosmetics, medical, white goods, household products, and automotive.

The adjustment department can handle the complete assembly and maintenance of moulds up to 20t. The department is controlled by 2 technical area managers who monitor the project progresses on the basis of open issues prepared by the technical department and supplied to every operator. The department is provided with 8 independent work islands equipped with jib cranes to lift weights and a common workstation equipped with a pillar and flag drill, parallel lathe and two grinding machines.

The moulds quality is judged for its perfect functionality as well as for the aesthetic aspect of the finished piece.

Due to this, since ‘70s, ZANOLA NETWORK has given importance to the moulds polishing process and it is able to guarantee to its customers the best finishing grade of the moulded product.

It polishes every kind of moulds from the plastic injection to the die casting moulds. Its polishing method is manual because, regardless of what other people do, ZANOLA NETWORK still believes that is the better way to guarantee the perfection of the moulded product. In 2005, this company patented its “SCALA ZANOLAR“ that codifies the different types and grades of polishing that can be reached on ZANOLA steel moulds. This normalization makes the identification of the finishing level requested for all the parts involved in the construction process unequivocal:

The “SCALA ZANOLAR” defines and codifies the polishing grade that is possible to reach on the moulds. It states the visual evaluation method of the correct polishing. It indicates the roughness parameters RA and RZ of each finishing.

It offers steel reference standards for each finishing. It proposes reference ABS samples for each finishing. It associates some products family indicating the finishing code and the reference finishing. In 2015, ZANOLA NETWORK updated its specialized welding centre microincisioneR and laser engraving that has been existing for 13 years in Brescia area.

Over the years, ZANOLA NETWORK centre has collaborated with iron and steel industries experts, for the study of materials and treatments, with steelworks and with mechanical engineering for what concerns the application studies.

A 320 m2 technological centre equipped with machinery that allow fixing every kind of mould with different dimensions and weight. Every welding machine has an automatic cooling system that assures the requested laser parameters during all the operation cycle.

ZANOLA NETWORK offers innovative ideas to repair the damaged or used moulds or to modify them. The welding patents and the prestigious recognition of AUBERT&DUVAL, FA.RO ACCIAI, LUCCHINI SIDERMECCANICA and STANDEX guarantee high-quality performances.

The WHITE ROOM Welding Centre includes:

• The TIG welding with the preheating furnace allows a perfect execution of welding beads on steel cores and cavities and other materials.

• The Plasma welding is a welding technique, especially for the moulding steels, characterized by a restrained heat contribution and a good precision.

• The MMA welding is an arc welding technique suitable for welding beads of elevated thickness and characterized by an easy portability.

• The MIG and MAG welding is a wire welding technique suitable for massive thick welding beads and the repair of big parts.

• The brazing is a welding technique that allows to realize joints of many dimensions leading to fusion only the brazing alloy, keeping intact the items.

For all its welding techniques, ZANOLA NETWORK provides the White Room Express service, whereby it repairs the moulds among the customer following the national and international regulations.

The laser welding is a very successful method of welding for the industry and for the high precision toolmakers, because it is an extremely precise repair technique that causes a minimal thermal input.

ZANOLA NETWORK laser welding stations are equipped with a solid-state pulse laser in the range of 150 and 200 watt.

ALEA srl is ZANOLA NETWORK’s newest society established in 2013. It deals with the trial and small or large production of plastic moulds.

ALEA is composed by highly qualified employees with a long experience in the sector and ready to satisfy all your demands. The department is provided with a well-equipped machinery park and an automation robot with a gripping hand supplies each one.

From the beginning, the department has developed some technologies to support the production: airmoulding, tampography, bi-injection moulding.

Since 2014, the company has organized the moulding department in order to follow the small and large production and pre-series. It works on 3 shifts and there is a shift manager for each one, and two technical managers who supervise the production. In a team there are also employees dedicated to quality control.