Filtec: crossroads of advanced projects and high technology

Filtec is much more than a supplier: it is the right partner you can choose to develop projects and to make real your ideas

Filtec is a family company founded in 1993 in Badia Polesine (IT), a strategic location, crossroad of the major north Italian airports.

Filtec develops and sells solutions for the polymers pelletizing process. Today, the cutting systems range is complete – from the vertical to the horizontal type, in air, water ring and underwater type – with them it is possible to run every kind of polymer, even the most critical ones. Part of the products range includes screen changers, water filters, horizontal and vertical centrifuges, vented vibrating screens.

Filtec is more than a supplier: it is the right partner to choose to develop projects and to make real your ideas. Specialized in underwater and watering pelletizers, Filtec has already produced more than 1400 systems worldwide with throughputs of 100 – 12,000 kg/hr.

The GRO Watering Pelletizer represents the perfect balance between quality and economy and it is the correct approach to the cutting systems from 20 to 3000 Kg/h and more. This simple and compact technology allows an easy and fast cleaning during the switch to different plastic materials and / or colours, as well as a safe pelletizing process.

On the other hand, the UW Underwater Pelletizer is ideal for high MFI polymers. This system offers different advantages such as no faults in the cooling system, no stinking gases, a homogeneous product without agglomerates and perfectly spherical pellets. The UW Pelletizer can be simply activated with a button and it is provided with a fully automatic control system.

Filtec is the perfect choice for compounders, recyclers and for all companies looking for the best quality pellets with low energy consumption, with durable and reliable equipment.