Amut: the result of the technological innovation

Amut’s single calender extrusion expertise for the production of waterproofing membranes

Since its establishment in 1958, AMUT has developed a strict cooperation with clients, focusing on their needs and developing custom-engineered solution, to respond adequately to each specific project requirement. A “customer centric” philosophy which has been applied to all its business units with no exception. In the extrusion domain dedicated to thermoplastic PVC and TPO, single or multilayer waterproofing membranes, this proactive approach coupled with Amut’s advanced technical know-how has allowed to design different tailor-made turn-key plants with either Double or Single Calender. Such diversified systems may reach an overall production up to 15 million sq. m. and 8 million sq.m. of high-quality membrane per year, respectively. The Single Calender system is the result of the technological innovation conducted in over 40 years of experience, which led Amut group to be the only provider in the world.

This configuration allows to produce in one single step a co-extruded 3-layers membrane, adding the inner reinforcement (polyester, polypropylene, fiberglass) and the fleeceback scrim bonding for support. The end product is a finished membrane composed of up to five materials/layers coupled in a single step, offering to end-users a completely different proposal from those currently available on the market.

The Single Calender achievement was obtained thanks to constant studies and research in the extrusion process applied to sheets and rolls in thermoplastic material. Our state-of the-art Single Calender Line combined with a reliable extrusion and laminating technology, allows AMUT to offer a diversified membranes production, minimizing the costs associated with two or three steps processing, material change and machine purging.

AMUT high efficiency extrusion lines are fully automatic, to optimize the production cycle. In particular, a well proven control software, designed and developed in-house, thanks to the long-term experience and coordination between AMUT technological department and electronic specialists, gives several supports to customer’s operators. A typical example is the automatic ramp procedure where the line is started at low speed to reduce the waste production during the machine setup and then, by a simple input of ramp parameters, the line is automatically speeded-up at the targeted production. The whole management of all operation and control parameters makes the line ready for Industry 4.0 with relevant benefits in terms of quality control and global integration with the customers’ production data base. Moreover, the lines are equipped with automatic packing system for the rolls produced and features technology for dimensional control of the product and visual surface inspection, with detection of any aesthetic effects. An automatic process for direct in-line dosing of raw materials and flame retardant additives that will be directly processed and extruded by the AMUT line, is also included in the plant.