BFM: Italian excellence in the field of flexographic printing machines at Print4ALL

Bfm, present in the field of machinery for plastic materials since 1975, has been able to grow over the decades to become, today, a leading company in this field, from take off units and automatic winders for extrusion blown film lines, to flexographic printing machines with central drum up to 10 colors and stack type up to 8 colors

Important for the Varese-based company is the partnership with company Luigi Bandera, world leader in the field of extrusion, for which bfm produces take off units and automatic winders to complete the extrusion lines. 

Thanks to the experience gained in over 45 years of business activity, a goal reached in 2020, the company has achieved excellent results in the acquisition of customers all over the world, with a significant presence in the Italian market. 

In the stack type flexographic printing field, the latest news is “SIRIO S PLUS”

The machine, already presented last November at an Open House at the bfm headquarters, will be re-proposed on early May at “Print4ALL”, the next exhibition on the world of packaging, held at Fiera Milano from 3-6 May 2022 with some news linked to energy saving, as well as the possibility of printing with water-based inks.

Simultaneously with the exhibition there will be the opportunity to see the new Flexo Press “In operation” at the new bfm plant, built next to the pre-existing one and inaugurated in 2020 on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the company. 

Sirio S-Plus is a high performance 8-color stack type flexographic printer, which guarantee excellent results and high-quality printing on different materials from plastic to paper, for various fields of application, flexible packaging for food, clothing and pharmaceutical.

Particularly versatile, it allows to print various flexible plastic materials: HDPE, LDPE, PP, PET and also of bio origin, in line with bfm’s commitment to global sustainability.

During the exhibition all the technological innovations of the machine will be illustrated, including high print quality, energy saving, efficiency and productivity thanks to easy and precise job changes, great flexibility of use, thanks to the ability to process polymeric materials of different types and finally, a compact layout and modern design. 

Like all bfm machines, the Sirio S-PLUS model is also suitable for being connected to the network and allows to take advantage of the expected benefits and resources allocated by the National Industry 4.0 Plan, which has as its purpose the digital transformation of companies. 

The machine will be presented with an automatic un-winder with hydraulic levers for reels up to a maximum diameter of 1000 mm. As an option, it is possible to request the revolver application. The machine is equipped with a double head oscillating web guide system for perfect centering before entering the printing units, where each counter-printing cylinder will be controlled by independent servomotors. The printing units are complete with plate and anilox sleeves, both of which can be quickly replaced directly in the machine thanks to the cantilever system. The Sirio S-Plus is equipped with Easygear and automatic print pre-setting, thanks to these features job change can be carried in total safety.

The printing groups positiong takes place completely automatically thanks to the positioning motors supplied by Bosch Rexroth, which allow you to switch from pause to work mode very quickly and precisely. The main advantage of this application is undoubtedly the possibility of storing production jobs. 

Doctor blades are closed chamber type, equipped with a basin for the ink recovery, while the quick change of the blades and side seals optimizes cleaning and maintenance phases.

Sirio S-Plus also mounts 2 servo-motorized nip rollers, one at the entrance for 8+0 color productions, and one positioned in the center of the machine and useful for 4+4-color jobs.

The drying system is equipped with 3 centrifugal electric fans, 2 of which for the delivery of hot air and one for the extraction of fumes. 

A drying box is positioned in the center of the printing unit when using the machine in 4+4 configuration. The temperature is controlled by an automatic thermoregulation system, with the advantage of reducing consumption.

In the “nip-roll” section are installed 2 cameras for front/back control of print quality. Then there is the winding section, revolver type, with automatic reel change and cutting, for reels up to 800 mm in maximum diameter. 

bfm finally remains waiting for you from 3 to 6 May both at its Stand H 26 – Hall 9 on the occasion of the “Print4 ALL” Fair and on its premisers to present you its latest news.