Tecno System: providing the smartest solutions

Thanks to its extensive experience, Tecno System is renowned in domestic and foreign marketplaces for its turnkey systems and customized solutions 

Tecno System is amongst the leading companies in the development of lines for thermoplastic profiles, producing customized turnkey systems such as extrusion lines complete with molds and integrated on-line or off-line solutions, very appreciated in the domestic and international markets.

The company offers its customers a high level of experience, specific and consolidated know-how and constant R&D efforts combined with the professionalism of high-skilled team, in order to give clients the smartest solutions. The main focus is to grant the customer satisfaction, which is the linchpin of Tecno System’s mission.

All products are completely designed, manufactured and tested in the historic plant in Consandolo (Ferrara, Italy) applying very stringent process quality standards and ensuring therefore the full compliance with the European standards about the matter.

With Tecno System turnkey solutions all the activities like designing, manufacturing, testing, installing and servicing, training and documenting the products are managed directly, with no need to rely on third parties. This approach has multiple advantages for end customers in terms of management efforts with the possibility to interact with just one referee. 

The whole project develops in many specific steps. First of all the commercial phase where the sales department supports the customer’s requests suggesting the strategic decisions about the investment project, developing different solutions and leading the client to the best one for him. The result is a “custom made” solution which represents a high value-added product, particularly appreciated in Italy and abroad.

The project moves then to the design phase where the engineering departments examine and validate the customer tailored solutions, with a special attention paid to energy efficiency, safety, innovation, high performance and other crucial aspects for  the final products.

The design step is followed by the manufacturing processes that rely on high skilled employees and an excellent network of suppliers, resulting in top quality products with special attention to robustness and reliability. 

Ultimately there is the testing phase where the testing departments also deal with the final acceptance test in the presence of the end customer. With special care to the prototypes, Tecno System makes available its specialized technicians to the final users for training days, both in its plant and in the client’s end plant. 

One of the biggest selling points is the Tecno System after-sales service where the technical assistance team provides its support to customers any time they need after the delivery of the product, and for any kind of reason.

By opting for Tecno System’s extrusion lines clients are able to satisfy different capacity (5-350 kg/h) and a vast range of purposes in the field of extrusion of profiles as pipes, technical profiles, profiles for the building industry, medical tubes, thermal break profiles with fiberglass, etc., made of a great variety of thermoplastic materials such as plasticized PVC, rigid PVC, PP, PC, HDPE, LDPE, PP, PMMA, etc. The lines are also characterized by low energy consumption of the calibrating units and innovative cutting units with radial hot blades.

Particular attention is paid to the business of PVC profile extrusion, with the very solid Tecno System’s experience in designing and constructing of high quality extrusion dyes and calibrators for the extrusion of PVC window frames, roller shutters, panels, cable management ducts, gutters and rainwater pipes, etc. 

Another strength is the construction of dedicated single or multi layer extrusion lines for medical pipes made with medical grade raw materials used in clean room environments (soft PVC, TPU, PEBAX, ect.). Tecno System’s medical tubing extrusion lines are very popular among the customers in Italy and abroad for the high-speed extrusion which is the result of the most recent achievements in automation and mechanics, combined with a close cooperation with raw material producers in order to improve screw geometry.

Another flagship product are the 4.0 ready extrusion lines for multilayer pipe complete with OD/wall thickness control, inkjet printer, and a final semi-automatic single our double coiler. 

Concerning the innovation factor, Tecno System is recently investing many efforts in the digitalization of its extrusion lines adapting them to the industry 4.0 prerequisites. In this regard the company is getting stronger in innovative 4.0 ready extrusion lines for spiral hoses composed by two extruders, one for U-PVC and one for the soft grade PVC. This high-advanced technology includes different strong points such as a continuous marking of the tubes before they become spirals, a fully automated cutting system and ejection system with any operator during the process. 

As its clients know very well, Tecno System is constantly focused on maximization of process efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

Thanks to new 2D scanner the company can now measure and digitize any section of the extruded profiles, allowing therefore to optimize in real-time and with extraordinary levels of accuracy the final product directly in the testing phase, according to the technical specifications requested by customers.

This means much higher process efficiency, less waste of time and costs due to testing activities for the clients and last but not least easy and fast communication with customers around the world due to “digitized real profiles”.

As well as constructing extrusion lines and tools, Tecno System has also the ability to provide in-the-house technologies for mechanical processing of profiles. Great experience in the punching system ambit allowed Tecno System to develop integrated and customer tailored solutions for extrusion lines, strategic in the company’s market policy.