Automa by Magic: New machine lines for K 2022

At K 2022, Automa by Magic will introduce EVO Line, a new line of machines developed by targeting low consumption while keeping minimum quantity of hydraulics to allow clamping force and production flexibility

Almost 3 years since its establishment, Automa by Magic is preparing itself for the world largest fair of the plastic sector: K 2022 in Düsseldorf.

Although the last two years have been dominated by the Covid-19 pandemic, it is precisely in this period that Automa by Magic has doubled its turnover, reaching those targets set at the beginning of the company project. 

A project that saw the joining of two of the leaders in the Extrusion Blow Moulding sector who have been competitors for many years, and can boast a worldwide presence, with numerous customers who purchased both Magic and Automa machines.

The over 20 machines produced after last edition of K, in 2019, together with the after-sales services of Automa by Magic such as the sale of original Automa spare parts, the overhauling of any brand EBM machines at its plant in Imola (Bologna – Italy), the over 130 PLC controller replacements and upgrades with its own SW tailor-made  for the EBM sector known as UNIKO 2.0®, brought Automa brand back on top of blow moulding stage again.

The machines produced and sold in this period include continuous extrusion, single and double station models, in addition to the ones with accumulation head technology, up to 50T of clamp force, thanks to the renewed interest of the market for this sector.

The most representative projects have been the sale of machines producing with special resins such as clarified Polypropylene and Polycarbonate for the creation of 19L (5G) water containers, together with the more traditional and ordinary HDPE.

Several machines have been also set up in the COEX 3 version to fully satisfy the most recent requests for sustainability and reduced ecological impact, using recycled materials (PCR) between the layers of virgin plastic. All this in multi-cavity, and for high productivity of very low weight containers.

At coming edition of K 2022, Automa by Magic will introduce a new line of machines, EVO Line, Evo Line developed by targeting low consumption, while keeping a minimum quantity of hydraulics to allow the clamping force and the production flexibility.

Two new brand machine models will be presented at Düsseldorf exhibition, K 2022.

The double station model AT08HY with continuous extrusion: machine with electric movements and with an innovative solution for the clamping system. It is distinguished for its flexibility of mould adaptation, definitively less restrictive than the classic mould sizing required by actual machines. 

This machine has a mould closing force of 80 KN and a carriage stroke of 420mm; the model presented at next K 2022 will be equipped by a double cavity head and an 80mm extruder for HDPE.

The second model, AE25HY with accumulation head, is an absolute innovation on the market, due to the very strong use of both electric and hydrostatic solutions (patent pending) that considerably reduce the high consumption which is typical of this kind of energy-intensive machines.

This new machine will see severely reduced the presence and use of oil because of the technical solutions applied. The exclusive employment of brushless motors to manage the high efficiency pumps, implies that the electrical consumption is practically zeroed in certain specific phases of machine cycle. Consequently, even the cooling of the little employed oil will be drastically reduced to reach levels very similar to the ones of fully electric machines.

The accumulation machine presented at the show is the model AE25HY with 250KN of clamping force, 2 Kg accumulation head and extruder with 80mm screw.

To underline the sustainability of the new line of machines, the AE25HY model will be in production using PCR material in order to employ low environmental impact polymers, with a circular economy perspective.

As a matter of fact, both for the necessary technical evolution, using new and technologically advanced components, and to fight the ever-increasing management costs influenced by post-pandemic energy factors, it became necessary to redirect the design helm of Automa by Magic in the direction of eco-compatibility energy and electricity low consumption, which are so afflicting the world economies and the European ones particularly.

As an alternative to the novelties, the traditional models and best-known by the sector operators, are always available.

This to satisfy the requests of those plastic transformers who, for many years, have been used to operating with simple and consolidated technical solutions such as the hydraulic machines that contributed to the global image of Automa brand.

These machines have been synonym of quality, reliability and solidity undeniably identified with Automa name during the last 50 years.

Among the latest history cases, Automa by Magic includes new experiences with the supply of a special machine to produce Polypropylene containers for products designed for laboratories. These productions, made with accumulation machine technology, allow the manufacture of high weight containers to satisfy the characteristics required by the medical and pharmaceutical sectors to which these products are intended for. The productions reach volumes of 50L with container weight up to 4 Kg net.

The advanced technology of the employed moulds, in combination to blowing solutions with air at 4° C, allow very significant productions, reducing the cost of the product itself and creating, at the same time, a container that perfectly matches the required technical specifications.

Automa By Magic machines are addressed to all industrial sectors such as packaging, food & beverage, automotive, homecare and detergents products, medical and pharmaceutical, and all those technical applications that identify blow moulding as the ideal solution for the production of items at unmistakably advantageous costs.

Automa by Magic target is to maintain the same objectives that characterized its previous name for over 45 years of activity, selling more than 3,500 machines all over the world, that even today are remembered and sought for their indistinguishable solidity and manufacturing quality.

Automa by Magic makes available to its customers more than thirty years of experience in the sector, as its staff is made of technicians and experts who gained their valuable experience with Automa, and other manufacturers, thus allowing Automa by Magic to assist clients on various brands of the blow moulding extrusion market.

Automa by Magic combines the experience and reliability of two brands that have technically and technologically influenced the extrusion blow moulding worldwide market. All this can only be a great advantage for the industry and for customers who still have these machines in their plants and who can continue to use them for many more years of production, thanks to the possibility of renewing and replacing obsolete components and retrofitting them with alternative solutions. 

The future of our world requires economic and environmental sustainability.

By introducing its new series of machines, Automa by Magic confirms its commitment in this direction. 

The target is to reduce energy consumption and propose solutions that use the minimum possible amount of plastic while maintaining, at the same time, the best mechanical characteristics of the final product.