Vibrowest Italiana: The best engineering and customization solutions

Vibrowest Italiana is a leading manufacturer in the sieving industry and technology, and offers the international plastics industry a truly comprehensive product range 

Vibrowest Italiana S.r.l., a leading manufacturer in the sieving industry and technology, is one of the biggest companies in terms of engineering and customization, always guaranteeing high quality and matching every customer’s requests by providing all sorts of certifications and after-sales assistance and by creating a personalized global service. 

Vibrowest offers a range of products dedicated to the plastic industry, suitable for air pelletizing, strand pelletizing, o-ring water and under water pelletizing, in addition to the grinding, regeneration and recycling.

Some applications in the plastics industry are: Compound – Master Batch – Regeneration – Recycling Solid/Liquid Separation – Long Fiber.

Its products for the plastic industry:

Circular Vibrating Sieve MR

The circular vibrating sieves MR are used in the plastic industry to separate long shape parts, oversized parts, and dust from 3×3 pellets. Thanks to their flexibility and multiple functions, the MR models are always able to provide a solution to all separation and filtration-related problems.

Rectangular Screener VRU

The rectangular sieves VRU are used to separate long shape parts, oversized parts, and dust from 3×3 pellets.

Rectangular Screener VRU Hybrid

In addition to the same advantages of separation and easy cleaning, the VRU Hybrid is also able to cool and/or condition the material through a fan. 

Rectangular Screener VRU-RE

The rectangular screeners VRU-RE are used to eliminate dust from the pellets for high-capacity applications and they can also be used to separate different sizes of PET-HDPE-LDPE flakes.

Elevator Spiral Track EVS

The lift spiral series EVS is indispensable in the transport of all the materials that need to be elevated in height, cooled and/or heated.

For over sixty years, Vibrowest has been a leader in the production of a wide range of separation and screening machines. Its production team manufacture and assemble all the equipment on site at the factory in Italy before it is shipped worldwide. The Made in Italy gives the warranty of high quality standards. 

Vibrowest technical staff, thanks to many years of experience in the sieving process, is here to provide the best solutions with the help of lab tests at its headquarters in Solaro (MI) – Italy.

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