CMG Granulators hosts a student class from a technical high school class

A student class from a local technical high school, thanks to the collaboration with Rotary Bologna Valle dell’Idice, came to visit the CMG Granulators headquarters. The purpose of the visit was to give these students the opportunity to see a company reality, to meet with the people who work within it and to see what job opportunities a company in the sector offers.

During the guided tour, the Technical Director Ing. Diego Mengoli together with the President Vittorio Canè Martelli and some representatives of the Rotary Bologna Valle dell’Idice, showed the students the plant and the production process in detail.

The students had the opportunity to visit the different areas that make up the plant, to closely observe the equipment and machines used for production and to see some concrete examples of what they study every day at school.

Furthermore, during the visit, the students had the opportunity to talk to some of the company’s employees, including some ex-students of the same school, who illustrated the various phases of the production process to them, also showing the standards of quality and safety adopted by the company.

Finally, the students were able to attend a demonstration of grinding carried out with the G26-45 granulator at our technical centre, where they observed the functioning of the granulator and the result deriving from the grinding.

The project ended with a visit to the classroom by our Managing Director, Giorgio Santella, together with some former students who are now our employees.

During the hour in class, Giorgio Santella spoke to the students about recycling, about how important it is to recycle and how and how much people recycle in the world. They watched some videos of how granulators are applied in the plastic and recycling sectors, bringing some concrete application examples.

The former students, now CMG employees, also told the students about their academic and professional career from when they attended the same school to today.

CMG Granulators was delighted to welcome these young guys and to share with them the reality of the company, from the products to the people who are part of it.