BD Plast: The strategy to grow and compete

BD Plast’s technology can supply specific solutions capable of processing any kind of polymer while maximizing production and reducing at minimum material waste

Filtration systems are a crucial component of extrusion, re-manufacturing, and recycling lines of polymeric materials. The final-product quality and the process’s efficiency depend on them.

BD Plast supplies a complete range of products to extrusion plant manufacturers and plastics transformers all over the world composed by manual screen changers, static filters, hydraulic screen changers, extrusion components (adapters, elbows, pipes, static mixers, diverter valves, strand dies), continuous flow screen changers, continuous flow self-cleaning screen changers, accessories (hydraulic power units, undercarriage supports, elastomers, hydraulic die changers).

Thanks to these screen changers’ versions, BD Plast’s technology can supply specific solutions capable of processing any kind of polymer while maximizing production and reducing at minimum material waste.

The strategy that has allowed BD Plast to grow and develop over the years, becoming from a small national company to a strategic partner of important manufacturers of extrusion plants in Europe, Canada, and the United States, is to engineer and produce all the machines and their components internally, to keep every aspect of the production process under control, thus offering the market unique and customized solutions, capable of responding to even the most demanding requests.

It was 1986 when a family business opened its doors in Bondeno, in the province of Ferrara, immediately engaged in the production and sale of screen changers for plastic extrusion lines, consolidating its position in Italy over time through downstream technology, with the awareness of being able to compete by the flexibility of its systems and the ability to customize products.

Thirty-six years of innovation, development of ideas, and proposals for innovative solutions have characterized BD Plast’s approach to the market, with a propensity for renewal not only as regards the supply of systems but also for strategic choices aimed at responding to various changes in the production context.

The Emilian company now employs fifty highly qualified employees, capable of contributing to the growth of the company through the design and construction of new lines of machines and products such as adapters, elbows, and pipes, consolidating important international partnerships over time and enhancing the service, intended as a real added value for maximum customer satisfaction BD Plast can provide complete platforms that are grouped with screen changers of any type integrated with volumetric or gear pumps, complex solutions in which the company can supply all the downstream, excluding the extrusion heads.

Many requests from the market also concern continuous flow screen changer, capable of perfect continuity of the melt flow, according to a high technology developed to minimize waste in the production cycle.

“Ours is a reality which does not work through upheavals, but follows a logic of continuous improvement and, in this sense, we are also working on traditional plants to make them economically better and safer. We have a complete line of reliable and high-quality screen changers, guaranteed by the internal mastery of the entire process, from machine design to assembly at the customer premises – said Dante Boicelli, CEO of BD Plast – We manufacture 1400 systems per year, and this commits us a lot also from the point of view of our Technical Office, which is focused on making products of different sizes and deeply customized.”

BD Plast has reached the third generation of management and still employs the founding entrepreneurial family. Clarissa Frazzoli, the wife of Dante Boicelli, has always led the administrative area with the utmost attention and, since 1988, has started the IT development process of the company, bringing it nowadays to the daily use of software and IT technologies best positioned in the Magic Quadrant for the various areas, cybersecurity among the priorities.

The son Dino Boicelli, after a degree and a master’s degree in business administration, attended Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan and oversees the company’s marketing management.

Through the most recent IT platforms and CAD-CAM integrated design systems, the engineers of the company exploit all the experience and professionalism gained in the sector to offer the market the best technologies, allowing BD Plast to act as an extrusion partner, looking at the entire extrusion process, to grasp its problems and needs, to experiment with new responses modeled on different systems and to react in real-time, guaranteeing speed at every level of intervention, from the economic offer to the sharing of the project, up to after-sales assistance.

“We have also grown a lot in terms of information technology and customer services, using the new telematics tools to reach companies and end users in difficult times, such as the one we are going through, because of the known emergencies that have marked the last two years – added Dante Boicelli – the engineer Stefano Gallieni, our new General Manager, is favoring the generational transition by guiding the company towards a medium-industrial dimension and offering, to those who choose our expertise, a high-level service, and a very important consultancy, to analyze and solve every type of problem that arises within the production process, in a rather complex market, like today’s one.”

Customer service, both in the purchase and after-sales phase, has always been one strength of BD Plast. This sensitivity has developed thanks to constant and punctual attention that has been implemented over the years at all levels: technical assistance, availability of spare parts and components, speed of deliveries, and prompt intervention. All these ingredients make it possible to keep the equipment efficiency and to avoid production stops.

The self-cleaning continuous flow screen changer, CleanChanger©, is currently at the top of BD Plast’s range of products. The main strength of this product is carrying out the self-cleaning cycle at particularly low back pressure. Added to this is the fact that this is continuous flow equipment in which, unlike what happens with other types of screen changers, the replacement of the filtering elements takes place without stopping the extrusion line, thus avoiding waste of time and waste of materials typical of the stopping and restarting phases of the line. In addition, on CleanChanger© the replacement of the screens takes place with the automatic ejection of the breaker plates, allowing easy replacement of the filtering elements and further timesaving. The self-cleaning capacity at low back pressure, the automatic ejection of the breaker plates, and the reduced purge times are the key elements that allow up to 300 self-cleaning cycles to be reached before having to change the screens.

Currently, over twenty-five CleanChanger© are operating at plastics transformers and on extrusion plants assembled by the most important Italian and European manufacturers. Some players who purchased CleanChanger© subsequently implemented a second model, a sign of high satisfaction that BD Plast product gives to the customers.