Engin Plast: Combined and smart solutions

The combination of Engin Plast’s quality and constant innovative research brings undoubted advantages also on the environmental level, with technologically advanced solutions and low energy consumption

Engin Plast, based in Ferrara, has been in the business of dosage, supervision, recovery and transport of plastic and non-plastic materials, since 1975. The long experience in the sector has allowed Engin Plast to keep the focus alive on its mission: to create innovative and personalized solutions able to guarantee a tangible and lasting benefit. 

The entire range of products offered by Engin Plast comes from its own plant: from design to production to guarantee its customers high-quality products that are reliable over time, reducing the problems and costs of stopping the machine during the long period of its productive life. 

The combination of Engin Plast’s quality and constant innovative research brings undoubted advantages also on the environmental level, with technologically advanced solutions and low energy consumption.

The range of equipment offered by Engin Plast is intended for all application sectors of the plastic material market: extrusion, blowing, injection, stamping, on-line and off-line recovery.

Certificate of reliability

Relying on Engin Plast means being able to count on its diverse skills that make the difference: flexibility in that Engin Plast adapts to any particular need that is confirmed to be appropriate and able to ensure added value after a thorough confrontation with the client; speed in understanding and satisfying the client’s urgent need thanks of professional, specialized techniques and experience; openness to dialogue and listening in order to identify the most suitable and personalized technological solution.

The collaboration with the customer already begins in the design and construction phase; the machines are thought and designed as in “tailoring” and are “custom made” to specific customer needs.

The importance of the combination: dosing, mixing, transport and granulation systems

Engin Plast offers a wide range of products: systems for dosing and mixing, transport and granulation systems. Suitable solutions for different types of materials such as powders, ground and granules.

Engin Plast equipment ensures a very high level of precision, which allows you to obtain an undoubted economic advantage on raw materials, ensure the high quality of the finished product and allow you to reduce waste from plastic material processing to a minimum. The three-dimensional CAD design system and the specialized Engin Plast operators who manage it help ensure the precision and high definition of each project. The electronic part, managed by the company’s R&D office, helps to distinguish the machinery produced by Engin Plast for their high added value.

The integrated plant solutions offered today by Engin Plast embrace the logic of automation and programming by making the various systems interact with each other; for example, storage, transport and dosing systems for raw materials on an extrusion line with the possibility, on request, of also providing an in-line waste grinding/recovery system. To all this we can add the provision of an advanced control system for the management and supervision of the plant.

Engin Plast dosing systems (TRIO model) can be integrated in the various fields of application in which plastic materials are used: extrusion, moulding and blow moulding.

The range of TRIO systems is based technology of the sum of weight (batch) which means that all the materials are weighed in a single balance in a sequential way. The proposed models cover the entire range of applications required by the market starting from small-sized models (minimum capacity 20 Kg/h) up to reaching capacities of 2000 kg/h.

The TRIO systems can be installed directly above the process machines in place of the loading hopper or on the ground to feed one or more production lines.

The Engin Plast proposal is completed with the range of TRIX granulators, integration between recovery and management of production waste with their reuse in mixtures made by TRIO dosing systems in eco-sustainable transformation processes.

The line of Trix granulators produced by Engin Plast is the result of the combination of research into the latest technologies in the field of safety, energy saving and reliability. The specific range for the recycling of important hourly throughputs has recently been expanded.

Engin Plast granulators also adopt the philosophy of added value, optimizing each individual component. The innovative cutting concept and the blade fixing and calibration system ensure high performance with low energy consumption, while greater life and reliability of the machine are obtained thanks to the cooling of the cutting chamber and the automatic cleaning of the bearings. A particular anti-lamination system also allows you to work with fidelity and repeatability materials of non-heterogeneous typology, shape and thickness. The parts most subject to wear are built with noble materials and important thicknesses.

To all this is added a slim and compact design that allows easy maintenance.