Promeco: Your partner for sustainability

Solutions for mechanical and chemical plastic recycling

Promeco is an Italian manufacturing and engineering company with completed projects worldwide, and member of Chemical Recycling Europe since 2020. 

Promeco is the only company able to offer advanced solutions both in terms of chemical and mechanical recycling in the plastic field. Besides the historical patented and branded Promeco® solutions, among which are primary and two shaft shredders, extruders, densifiers, briquetting machines, separators and centrifuges, it also offers a wide range of turnkey plants, as:

Plants for chemical recycling of plastics

Plants for the production of pellets from post-consumer and/or industrial LDPE, HDPE, PP

Plants to produce densified second raw materials from mixed plastic waste, plasmix 

Plants for RDF production in fluff or briquettes

Plants to produce second raw materials and finished products from mixed plastic waste

Promeco® Chemical Recycling allows to close the loop of plastic industry by offering the real opportunity to chemically recycle the waste plastics, by breaking them down into their original chemical components and allowing the moving to a more sustainable, circular economy.

Chemical recycling can recycle plastics again and again, with no deterioration of quality. Plastic waste is returned to its original molecular vapor form allowing for the cleaning of all impurities. Once the impurities are removed, a condensation process returns vapor to a liquid state and then finally to a solid state that allows for the production of virgin-like quality pellets that can be used for new high-quality products. Unlike mechanical recycling, chemical recycling removes 100% impurities from the waste plastics.

As the new high-quality resin is produced through the chemical recycling process, the use of fossil resources are reduced. The product generated from the waste plastic can be used as a direct replacement for the fossil resources extracted from the earth. The reduction of CO2 emissions is an important part of the impact chemical recycling has on the environment.  

Of higher interest is also the Promeco® plant for recycling of fish nets (made of PA6). This line includes the high-efficient combination of the well-known densifier Promeco® extruder system® “PES” with a special single shaft extruder: they are directly connected to optimize the energy consumption and degassing, while maximizing the production. 

This special combination, called COMBO, is also well-known and used for a better degassing of special inked plastics or to deodorize post-consumer plastics.

A continuous melt filter can also be added to remove all the impurities from the output product. 

Among the latest environment friendly processing lines in polymers processing, the Promeco® dry cleaning of plastics system has to be mentioned: it has been developed in order to avoid water consumption and to cut down the investment and maintenance costs: this is a sustainable solution to produce pellet from post-industrial LDPE film for injection moulding.

The deodorising system: the odour is typical from the post-consumer HDPE plastics and with this exclusive continuous process 95% of the volatile high molecules are removed. The system keeps the material at the desired temperature for an adequate retention time inside the reactor. It allows the vacuum system to extract the odoriferous molecules that are deeply impregnated inside the pellets.

Promeco solutions allow to diversify the sources of energy and grant a sustainable growth. Taking into consideration the 17 goals of the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development, as well as the European Directives about the Green Deal, Promeco is projected towards the future combining its activity of developing highly technological recycling activities with a personal program of sustainable development in the name of a circular economy to reach sustainability principles in terms of consumption and production.