CMG Granulators at Arabplast 2023

CMG Granulators renews its presence at the Arabplast exhibition also in the 2023 edition where our innovative solutions suitable for injection molding, thermoforming and recycling applications will be the protagonists.

Arabplast is in its 26th edition and will bring together supporters of the global industry, in Dubai from 13 to 15 December, to show the most resilient industry’s changing dynamics and to establish the importance of a circular economy for sustainable environment. Come visit CMG at stand 2B104.

New high precision granulator series G17

CMG launches a new series of small size beside the press granulators with connotates of high caliber. The very innovative and unique attributes of such new series are several and all contribute to obtaining the highest degree of productivity, regrind quality (homogeneous particle dimensions and absence of dust), efficiency of operation and the best application flexibility. In its standard configuration the G17 granulators are applicable to processes of injection moulding and of blow moulding. In the ET1 or ET2 configuration, they are suitable for extrusion applications. The granulation capacitiy range is from 5 kg/h up to 90 kg/h.

Purpose designed GT line for thermoforming

CMG Granulators introduces a newly designed granulator series for in-line scrap recycling, suitable for sheet, skeletal sheet and reject parts grinding. The new GT series comprises four models, suitable for small to medium capacities, to cover applications ranging from 200 through to 1.000 kg/h. The signature feature of the GT series from CMG Granulators is the blade set up design: the rotor blades are positioned at a high degree of inclination, 50°, in respect to the bed blade, so to guarantee the best cutting precision, the highest dimensional homogeneity of the regrind, the lowest sound emissions and absence of powder.

Supergranulators for post-consumer recycling 

With the new Evoluzione series, CMG presents the EV916 and EV616 models, solutions suitable for the most critical operating conditions, for wet or dry granulation, which require high performance characteristics, granulation capacity from 2000 or another 5000 kg/h, versatility , efficiency and sustainability. The Evoluzione series guarantees operational constancy and superior wear resistance, thanks to the constructive solutions that involve the use of harmonic steel, Hardox and assembled modular structures. In addition to the precision to the hundredth of a millimeter on the construction of the new cutting chamber, which allows a much longer life of the blades compared to conventional models, all Evoluziones are equipped with advanced controls, in industry 4.0 style, to make machine operation 100% monitorable and manageable. Operating temperature, blade wear, productivity, operational efficiency, energy use, all the functional parameters that can be managed on board the machine or remotely with connectivity based on the OPC-UA protocol, are just some of the distinctive features.

Customer Service

With Headquarters, Production Site and Technical Center in Italy, and the largest distribution network in the plastics industry, CMG is active all over the world with localized technical service, spare parts and sales centers. Find the nearest CMG service center at the following link: