Barra Project: storage efficiency and constant material flow thanks to AIRFLASH® air cannons

AIRFLASH, the compressed air-cannons by Barra Project International are the all made in Italy solution to solve the management problems for stored bulk solid material

AIRFLASH – The compressed air-cannons by Barra Project International Srl are the all made in Italy solution to solve the management problems for stored bulk solid material.

AIRFLASH compressed air-cannons generate timed shock waves able to:

Unblock blockages and break bridges that prevent the regular flow of ensiled material (bridging phenomenon)

Eliminate material compactions and encrustations that reduce the storage capacity of structures (rat-holing phenomenon)

Carry out a cleaning action on the internal walls of the storage structure.

What makes AIRFLASH unique?

AIRFLASH is characterized by a rich and wide range of products (cannons from 0.5Lt to 150LT and beyond thanks to the PPI Pick-Power-Impulser systems), with technological solutions and dedicated accessories that allow both to expand the area covered by the action of the single air-cannon and to contain the consumption of compressed air. Working pressure from 2bar to max 10bar.

AIRFLASH cannons have an integrable modular structure that allows:

To use the same cannon in different operating conditions by varying the accessories following Barra Project philosophy of making re-use without product waste

To optimize the management of spare parts

To limit the risk of product obsolescence: each AIRFLASH cannon currently in use can integrate new technological innovations without having to be replaced.

Thanks to the shot silencing measures, AIRFLASH can also be applied near residential areas.

AIRFLASH is useful because

It fluidifies and periodically moves the stored product

It eliminates dead zones thus avoiding stagnation of material and limiting the risk of aging and deterioration of organic and/or degradable products

It implements a cleaning action that allows to reduce the risk of contamination between products of different nature that pass in succession

Protects the safety of maintenance employees/operators: AIRFLASH has a preventive action on the formation of blockages and therefore reduces, up to eliminating, the need for dangerous extraordinary maintenance interventions for the manual release of blockages (these interventions are often highly risky for the personnel who has, in particular cases, to descent into the storage facilities).

Here we are!

Barra Project International Srl was born from the experience gained in over 50 years of work in the world of bulk solid materials management. Thanks to an agile and dynamic structure, Barra Project is able to provide targeted solutions and a high level of customization. The seriousness and reliability, the high quality of the product entirely made in Italy and the great attention to design, the willingness to experiment and the attention to the after-sales service constitute the foundations of the company philosophy.

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