FILTEC: Italian excellence in the field of filtration and granulation of plastics

A journey through 30 years of research, environmental sustainability, craftsmanship and innovation

A star in the industry of filtration and granulation of plastics, based in Badia Polesine (Italy), in the hearth of Veneto Region: Filtec. With over 30 years of experience, this company has established itself on the market as a lighthouse of innovation and quality. Over the years Filtec has been responding to the management, production and consumption optimization challenges that have affected the industrial sector. Founded in 1993 by the Baracco family, driven by an already consolidated experience in the field of special automation for thermoplastics, just two years after opening Filtec introduced the first Water Ring pelletizer in the market and started to produce the first prototype of Underwater Pelletizer. These products are still present in the company catalogue which have undergone evolutions and transformations over the years to keep up with the times. Together with the granulation systems, the products range offers single/double plate screen changers, water filtration and cooling systems, vented vibrating screens, centrifuges.

In 2022, the restyling of the logo and the renewed website show the visionary spirit of Filtec, made up of increasingly high-performance challenges and technologies.

Today, within its over 5,000 m2 of factories, the watchword is craftsmanship. An all-Italian craftsmanship that not only makes the Made in Italy its strong point, but which uses on-site production to guarantee customers total control over the quality of its systems and a customer service close always available.

Filtec is more than just a manufacturer of machinery: it is a trusted partner, a supplier of tailor-made solutions, a collaborator who is committed to guaranteeing reliable and constant performance over time. In addition to the very high quality of systems and materials, the company stands out on the market for a customer service that goes beyond expectations, actively contributing to maintaining efficient and long-lasting systems. With its tireless commitment to ensuring excellent technical and commercial assistance, at Filtec each system is designed to guarantee high performance, together with the advanced management software and integrated CRM which allow for impeccable organization in sales and purchases.

With more than 700 customers all over the world, over 400 suppliers and more than 1,600 global installations, Filtec is a true emblem of Made in Italy whose gaze, like that of any self-respecting leader, goes beyond mere production of machinery and extends to the environmental theme. For years, in fact, Filtec has been an official partner of “Are you R”, a European project that aims to raise awareness among the world population about plastics recycling. The decision to establish this strong collaboration is a clear manifestation of a profound commitment towards the circular economy, recycling, and sustainability.

In more details, the “Are you R” project aims to increase collective awareness on the relevance of recycling plastic materials. By telling daily stories about reusing and recycling, this path has now become the point of reference for thousands of people who exchange opinions every day with a single common denominator: the desire to be an active part in the process of environmental sustainability through recycling. From this perspective, Filtec’s participation in this initiative reflects its commitment to seeking sustainable solutions for the good of the planet, joining a broader community with its same goal.

Looking ahead in time and moving on to annual events, the company is preparing for 2024 with enthusiasm, participating in several leading trade fairs in the sector around the world. It starts on 19 and 20 June in Amsterdam with PRS Europe 2024, continuing from 10 to 12 September in Dubai with PRS Middle East & Africa. On the PRS events (Plastics Recycling Shows) organized around the world, Filtec will have the opportunity to compete with the largest players in the field of plastics recycling, presenting its products and exporting its know-how first to Europe and then to Asia. On 11 and 12 September it will be the turn of the Compounding World Expo Europe in Brussels, while for the last event of the year the company is ready to fly to Friedrichshafen, Germany, for the 2024 edition of Fakuma, the leading global trade event for industrial plastics processing, with over 1,600 participating exhibitors.

At these events, Filtec will bring its virtual showroom as last year. Thanks to this new platform, customers and visitors are offered an engaging experience that allows them to explore the products, discover their characteristics and understand the potential of the systems simply with a monitor and a couple of clicks. A real virtual visit to the entire range of products, with the aim of allowing customers to examine materials and components in detail to be able to make informed and personalized choices. In short, give customers a realistic vision of Filtec’s entire offering; showing the company’s desire to equip itself with innovative technologies to support sales.

In conclusion, thanks to tireless work aimed at continuous improvement, Filtec today represents a national excellence with deep roots in Italian craftsmanship. What holds the group together is the vocation for environmental sustainability, demonstrated by the partnership with “Are you R” but also by a work ethic that reserves the utmost respect for these issues. Participation in international fairs, attention to recycling, the very high quality of the offer and continuous research activities summarize Filtec’s nature as a global leader in its sector.