Engin Plast personalized and smart solutions

Long experience in the sector has allowed Engin Plast to keep alive the focus on its mission: To create innovative and personalized solutions capable of guaranteeing a tangible and lasting benefit over time

Since 1975, based in Ferrara, Engin Plast has been operating in the sector of dosage, supervision, recovery and transport of plastic and non-plastic materials. The long experience in the sector has allowed Engin Plast to keep alive the focus on its mission: To create innovative and personalized solutions capable of guaranteeing a tangible and lasting benefit over time. From design to production, this is what Engin Plast puts into practice every day in its factory to guarantee its customers high quality and reliable products over time, reducing machine downtime problems and costs.

The combination of the quality of Engin Plast products and constant innovative research brings undoubted advantages such as technologically advanced solutions and low energy consumption: these are the objectives pursued for years by Engin Plast.

The range of equipment offered by Engin Plast is intended for all application sectors of the plastics market: extrusion, blow moulding, injection, moulding, on-line and off-line recovery.

Custom–made configuration

The collaboration with the customer begins already in the design phase; there is no one solution that is the same as another, because the peculiarities and needs of the customers are different and respected in the development of the project. Everything is thought and designed as in a “tailoring”, tailor-made projects.

As proof of what has been said above, here is a project recently carried out by Engin Plast (see photo) for an Italian company which needed to recover ABS/PVC profiles (with granulator) that did not comply with the standard production, with lengths that could reach 7 metres, without cutting them, limiting the overall dimensions of the system especially in height and eliminating the need for the operator.

Engin Plast has expertly skillfully combined, technological solutions with high customization capacity, starting from the client’s specifications. The proposed project made it possible to comply the initial customer requests with additional implementations that grew during the development phase, thanks to the multidisciplinary team that Engin Plast made available in all phases of design and custom solutions.

“Plug and play” system

Specifically, Engin Plast have created an integrated granulator/conveyr belt system with mobile articulation fully automated which does not require the supervision of an operator during the grinding phases, capable of processing bands of profiles with lengths of 7 mt.

Special measures have been studied and applied to the grinding chamber which, combined with the conveyor belt loading system, ensure high performance and low energy consumption. The innovative cutting concept and the de-dusting system allow producing high quality ground material without residual dust.

Thanks to the pre-assembly and testing made in Engin Plast factory, the customer became operational quickly after transferring the plant to its production site following the “plug and play” easy operation. The control of the granulation plant is implemented with the use of a touch screen panel, with an intuitive operator interface. Process parameters can be collected and analysed both locally and remotely. A very interesting parameter to analyse here is the measurement of the electrical consumption (represented on a graph) which allows evaluations of the power absorbed by the granulator during the grinding phase.

Responding to market needs

Regulations and directives impose an increasingly consistent use of recycled material and this makes it imperative to customize the systems/machines with a high technological standard in order to meet the needs of companies. The positive feedback obtained so far on the market demonstrates that Engin Plast has been able to respond to the current needs of customers to achieve greater production efficiency by combining cost optimization.