Nova5eT, setting new standards

The new range of all electric Nova5eT presses offers many innovative features to help achieve the best possible result during moulding

The “PrePack” function is certainly one of the most important and represents a notable step forward in automatic process control. This function is used to inject with the certainty that the non-return valve is perfectly closed: in this way the screw behaves like a plunger offering absolute repeatability from cycle to cycle, even with strokes equal to a third or half of the screw diameter.

The press is thus extremely precise even when printing with small quantities of injected material and in technical moulding, without having to use ultra-small injection units, which would make the press less versatile in the event of a change in processing.

The Prepack works based on measuring the pressures of the material inside the cylinder and detecting the resistance it opposes; the Tact V checks the parameters and automatically carries out a special procedure by acting directly on the screw and thus monitoring the positioning of the non-return valve, ensuring that it is actually closed.

This new series of presses offers the possibility of setting the injection filling phase and the transition to maintenance according to different configurations and modes. The switching can be set by height (screw position), by time, by pressure or by interfacing with an external or cavity sensor.

In addition to these settings, we can also carry out a further “fine tuning” of the moment in which the transition between the filling phase and the maintenance phase occurs (V/P changeover reaction control)Specifically, we can have an automatic “time” control that acts on the deceleration and acceleration ramps between the filling and post-pressure phase or an automatic “speed” control where a “target speed” is identified with which the screw carries out this transition very quickly (in case of rapid cycles or thin thicknesses). Finally, we can set this phase in a personalized way by manually selecting the time and speed settings and control parameters and thus optimizing the quality of production according to the sensitivity of the process technician.

MIP function

The Nova5et also features the MIP (processing inside mould) function which acts on the movement of the extractor when the mould is closed. By selecting the MIP function, we can cut the sprue when the mould is still closed or we can obtain an application similar to the compression injection but managed by the positioning of the extractor.


Volumes and constant compact melt density

table response of the screw valve

Auto homogeneous adaptation of production & regrind material