FIMIC: A growth with value

FIMIC remembers that principles and values are not just ideals, but rather the guiding stars that illuminate the path toward a brighter, more prosperous future

Many leaders believe once they are aligned on the vision and priorities are set, their job is done – but it’s just beginning. They must create a culture where the vision and priorities can take root.

It is widely known that in the realm of business, principles and values serve as guiding lights that illuminate the path toward success. They form the ethical backbone of organizations, shaping their culture, decision-making processes, and overall reputation. While profitability and growth are essential goals, they must be pursued within the framework of integrity, respect, and responsibility.

But in a rapidly evolving business landscape, where the achievement of goals seems a run against the others it is easy for companies to forget that embracing change while staying true to their core values allows them to be better equipped to thrive and succeed.

FIMIC’s aim has always been to build strong unique principles and values that contribute to sustained prosperity and a positive impact on their team and their customers. Principles and values that go beyond a simple work ethic, are fundamental beliefs and standards that guide the actions to build a positive culture for its team members where they can thrive and have meaningful relationships with its customers.

With its team in constant growth, as it navigates the complexities of the modern world, this 2024 FIMIC remembers that principles and values are not just ideals to aspire to; they are the guiding stars that illuminate the path toward a brighter, more prosperous future and shares proudly with the plastics recycling industry its core beliefs.

Guided by its principles and values, Fimic makes choices every day that define it and its actions. Inspired by this our world is moulded and what we do today shapes our future, in other words; the actions Fimic chooses to take today will determine what its future will look like.

In its new video, FIMIC shares its core values with its own team as a protagonist. The opening statement “what you choose to believe in dictates who you are” sets the invite to make a honest assessment of what’s holding us back and make the necessary changes to our business and ourselves. Not just talking about surface change. This is a deep, meaningful, lasting, transformative change that impacts the entire organization and everyone in it. So, what are the principles and values in which Fimic believes?

What you choose to believe in dictates who you are

Fimic believes in people

Fimic grows relationships, not transactions

Fimic chooses to be a team, not a business

Fimic believes in passion

Fimic follow its own emotions, not statistics

Fimic is driven by purpose not profit

Fimic believes in authenticity

Fimic chooses to be different, not like everybody else

Fimic chooses to develop new products not existing ones

Fimic believes in strategy

Fimic always moves forward

Fimic chooses to write its own rules

Fimic believes in its blueprint

Fimic chooses to support recycling, not a board

Fimic forgets about the competition; they are on a different path than it is

What you choose to believe in, dictates who you are

We exist for what we are

What we believe in

What we will become

This is FIMIC.

In a rapidly changing challenging business-orientated world, it is important to remember that it’s never too early to instill the values of living from passion. Staying true is not only a fundamental principle of ethical business practices but is a reflection of the kind of work you are putting in behind the scenes. Therefore, it is necessary to stop once in a while and ask ourselves some questions; where is our integrity behind the scenes? Where are our values behind the scenes?

The endgame is about consistently following a guideline. So if all we want is success but we don’t want a story, a process, we are not interested in giving something back to our team to our customers or we are not interested in evolving into a better version of ourselves, then we have already missed the success. And so once we get this everything changes, when our goals line up with our purpose everything changes.