PLAS MEC keeps the leadership in the technology of plastic powders mixing

PLAS MEC manufactures and delivers all over the world thousands of equipment and accessories for the mixing of plastic materials and today boasts undisputed leadership

PLAS MEC is still maintaining the Italian leadership worldwide in the manufacturing of mixing equipment and complete systems for plastics powders processing.

Since 1967, PLAS MEC, a 100% Italian family-owned company, has manufactured and delivered all over the world thousands of equipment and accessories for the mixing of plastic materials (PVC, PE, PP, ABS), technical and special polymers (TPE, PA, PC, PU, PET, PTFE and others), powder coatings resins, wood-plastics composites, masterbatch, additives, pigments, thermoplastic rubber etc., which has lead it to be considered as one of the leaders in this field.

Here are the aspects where PLAS MEC is more focused today and for the next future to improve more and more and supply a high level quality product: safety, efficiency, reliability, research, development, increase of industrial tests in its R&D department, flexibility in designing, high-tech solutions “tailored” to the customer, main production within the company.

PLAS MEC manufacturing range comprises mainly the following:

COMBIMIX HC – the combination of the high speed mixer type “TRM” and the high efficiency cooler type “HEC” is the ideal solution for any technical mixing requirement in the field of PVC or WPC dry blend production.

A very high output can be achieved thanks to the optimized design of the high speed mixer type “TRM” and the latest technologies of thermofluidynamic engineering of  the high-efficiency cooler type “HEC”.

COMBIMIX HC versions span from 200/800 to 2500/8500 liters capacity.

A high productivity and reliability of this flagship combination of equipment can be achieved thanks to a large number of accessories related to the type of production and the needs of the customers. (Pic. 1)

Container Mixer TRR – the ideal alternative conventional turbomixer for masterbatch, pigments, technopolimers, powder coatings preparation, when production conditions require a high degree of versatility and a wide range of different recipes to be mixed with the same machine. The container mixer can be built as high power for the application where high intensity mixing is required and there is a need of significant temperature increase of the mixture. Several improvements have been introduced in the last years to get a better performance and better easy use. (Pic. 2)

The range of production is completed by all the accessories to load, transport, weight and store the powders. A complete automation to control the process gives the customer a complete solution and a fully controlled mixing system thanks also to the full remote access to the plant, for diagnostic, support and assistance.

All the equipment can be designed and built to be compliant with the ATEX directives, following the requirement of the customers.