Turnkey solutions realised by Sytrama for many different types of applications

Sytrama plants are the optimal solution to produce different types of products in an efficient way not only in the plastic industry, which still remains its core business

Sytrama has been a well-known brand in manufacturing and engineering robots and automations in the plastic injection field for over 40 years.

Sytrama plants are the optimal solution to produce in an efficient way different types of products, and not only in the plastic industry which remains its core business.

The extensive use of processed parts to realize technical goods has increasingly led Sytrama to produce cartesian robots for a variety of uses. In fact, Sytrama is able to produce cartesian robots not only for IMM in plastic moulding field but also for other types of applications.

One of these is the application of cartesian robots on CNC machines. Sytrama has gained experience in this world and thus, it has been able to meet the needs of its customers by providing a reliable and efficient product also in this industry. The typical application is using Sytrama robots to take the finished parts from the CNC and then place them into boxes. Everything is secured thanks to the use of safety guarding that makes all the automated cell safe.

Another example of the use of Sytrama cartesian robot is for palletizing the metallic broomsticks. In this case the robot is supplied with a couple of support columns for the correct positioning at the end of production line. A special gripper is used for picking up one layer of products at a time and then place into a metallic tray.

Packaging field is an important field of use of Sytrama robots, too. More and more, Sytrama offers customized solution dedicated to the various products and pallet formats.

Inside the automations that Sytrama performs, the cartesian robots are used also for a lot of operations like cutting, assembly, flaming, spraying and testing. In this sense, Sytrama can design a customized version of own cartesian robots to satisfy the needs of the customers in the best way. This is one of the key points that places Sytrama company in good position on the market.

In addition to these customized solutions, it is worth highlightig the great technical service and training provided by Sytrama to many different types of customers world widely. It offered them a great technical service through its skilled partners, and it also teaches the operators of the company on all technical features of the cartesian robot. Sytrama teaches them how to react on errors, alarms and train the operators on some tips to let work robots in the best efficient way.

In addition to the standard remote assistance (complying with Industry 4.0 requirements), Sytrama has also implemented the AR that grants benefits such as:

Ability to understand problems in real time;

Fast troubleshooting via remote connection and with the use of smartphones, tablets and smart glasses;

Quick and clear instructions transmitted in the field to in-house technicians or subcontractors (via video, chat, images and documents);

Instant translation of the instructions provided by the Sytrama technicians;

Professional working mode: travel, transport and intervention costs are considerably reduced;

Reduced errors and improved quality to solve issues;

Less repeated visits onsite and higher customer satisfaction;

Process optimization and innovation in management methods.

Finally, Sytrama has planned an open house that will take place on the 18th and the 19th of April together with its partner NEGRI BOSSI. This event will focus on innovation and customer-driven solutions in injection moulding processing and Sytrama’s commitment to a sustainable future, too. Sytrama along with its expert team will grant to all its partners and customers the chance to learn first-hand how Sytrama’s diverse innovations can drive the success of their own businesses.