Tecno System: extrusion technologies for medical tubing production

Tecno System, leading company in extrusion technologies for thermoplastic materials, guarantees the smartest solution thanks to its extensive experience

Tecno System is one of the leading companies in Italy in extrusion technologies for thermoplastic materials, manufacturing customized systems such as extrusion lines complete with moulds and integrated on-line/off-line solutions especially designed to meet any customer needs.

The company offers an elevated level of experience, consolidated know-how and a professional high skilled team supported by R&D department that offers a continuous development and improvement to give the smartest solutions. The company also provides a strong after-sale service.

A crucial business for the company is represented today by the manufacturing of complete extrusion lines for medical tubes and medical pipes (single or multi-layer and radiopaco) utilised in the pharmaceutical and hospital industries. Thanks to constant efforts in quality control and severe standards about internal and external processes, in facts, our plants result totally conform to national and international regulation about the matter.

These extrusion lines are characterized by single-screw extruders equipped with special screws especially designed for medical-grade raw material; as a matter of fact, our medical extrusion lines comply with strict laws on products and processes in the medical tubing sector. These fully customizable lines can produce single to multi-layer and radiopaque tubes in many different medical materials (SOFT PVC, TPU, FEP, etc.) and are equipped with the most efficient dimensional and retroactive control systems to achieve the most accurate reports on the dimensions and diameters of tubes. The lines for smoothbore medical pipes are suitable with rigid or semi-rigid spiral also combing different polymers such as PVC, EVA, or special polyolefins, and they are fully customizable.

The basic medical extrusion line is usually equipped with a extruders model TM 60-25 with 15” Touch Panel and a medical extrusion head model HD 2-12. About downstream, there are a vacuum/cooling unit model R 50/5,5, a belt haul-off unit model TT800, and an appropriate diameter gauge system (ODAC 14 x/y/j) that ensure the accuracy of the entire tube before being rolled up by a semi-automatic double winding station model TS2600 equipped with an electronic ultrasonic dancer. Obviously, there are alternative configurations available for the customer, for example, relying on the extruder series TM 75-25 or rolls haul-off unit, as well as the possibility to choose from several options like frosty kits, wall thickness monitoring systems, and many others.

In this regard, it must be specified that Tecno System extrusion lines are perfectly suitable also for spiral smoothbore medical tubes with rigid or semi-rigid spirals and for combining different polymers.

These lines are powered by two extruders (TM45-25 and TM60-25 series) with a 15” digital touchscreen and a 1.2316 steel medical extrusion die-head ensures high quality standards for this type of thermoplastic tubing extrusion, while a spindle trolley CM 50 series can be easily handled by operators to move and set up dies with diameters ranging from 12 to 50 mm.

A perfect internal calibration through the spindle, in the downstream units, is guaranteed by calibrating systems located in a special stainless steel water tank with a closed-loop water circuit to prevent any type of contamination. Water can be maintained and constantly cooled by a dedicated chiller that can be installed as an option on the line side, and a dedicated tube drying system allows the automatic drying of the pipes from the water in excess after the cooling processes.

All lines are totally customizable by customers in the best tailored way to meet their needs. Potential options about the line configuration are, for example, the possibility to implement double hopper loaders, different screws for different thermoplastic materials as well as maximum levels of customization for what concerns the unloading bench. Another very interesting plug-in appreciated by current clients is represented by the so-called GF-Connect system for remote assistance which allows to save time and costs.

In addition, it must be said that every Tecno System’s extrusion line can be suited to the 4.0 Industry standards with an appropriate OPC-UA communication protocol to increase exponentially the potential opportunities through digitization of the processes: real-time information, remote control of the line and hyperconnectivity between machines themselves are some examples among the practical implications of this innovative approach.

By opting for Tecno System’s solutions, the customer will be supported in each stage to simplify as much as possible the investment project. Every product, indeed, is completely designed, manufactured and tested within the historic production plant located in Consandolo (FE – Italy), enabling the company to directly supervise every single phase in the supply chain and ensuring, so, the best qualitative standards for the final product and the possibility for the customer to rely on a unique referent for any type of issue.