Balluff: solutions to improve machines and production processes

Balluff components enable high cycle rates as well as fast and efficient filling processes

 Filling plants are characterized by high technical demands and challenging environmental conditions. Sensors from Balluff are ideal for these situations. They ensure that beverages are filled aseptically and sterile, bottles are properly sealed and correctly labelled. Balluff components enable high cycle rates as well as fast and efficient filling processes.

Among the various application examples, we can mention level monitoring for bottling, seal monitoring, level detection in storage tanks, liquid detection in transparent bottles and label detection on beverage bottles.

For what concerns level monitoring for bottling, in the beverage industry, stretch blow moulding machinery are used to produce bottles. The bottles can be filled immediately, and transport distances eliminated. The high-precision SF fill level sensor from Balluff monitors levels in the filling process. The temperature can also be monitored.

About seal monitoring, checking seals in the beverage industry requires that many different features be inspected at the same time. The BVS Vision Sensor meets these requirements to ensure reliable monitoring.

A reliable level detection in storage tanks is achieved with Balluff BSP pressure sensors. For instance, after fermentation the green beer matures for an additional time in storage tanks before it can be filled.

Liquid detection in transparent bottles is handled through BGL fork sensors from Balluff. They detect all liquids with a water content of over 15% with the help of infrared light. They reliably detect levels through transparent container walls. The fork sensors are available in stainless steel with Ecolab certification and in IP69K for hygienic areas.

Regarding label detection on beverage bottles, bottles are labelled after filling. Only correctly labelled bottles may then be packaged. This means the label application process needs to be checked. Our BOH photoelectrical sensor with separate amplifier provides reliable information for missing or incorrectly placed labels.