GVF Impianti Srl: more than 50 years of experience

GVF Impianti Srl: Efficient and Effective Solution to convey, dry, cool, screen, mix, dose and recycle Bulk Materials

With more than 50 years of experience, GVF Impianti Srl is the ideal partner able to supply quality solutions for pneumatic conveying and bulk material handling in sectors like plastic, food, pharma, pet-food and construction materials.

The wide range of production full of transversal products characterizes the company organization, which is divided in 6 main divisions: dense phase pneumatic conveying systems, bulk material handling systems and equipment, mixing and dosing technology, filtration systems, recycling systems and foundry machineries and plants.

Each company division represents the know-how and the experience gained in each sector of application, making the company become able to design and produce components, complex machines as well as complete turn-key plants since 1964.

The main feature which distinguishes the company production is the search for the quality, following both the plant’s efficiency and the effectiveness of the adopted solution. GVF Impianti’s objective is to supply advanced solutions combining quality and innovation, which makes the customer’s job easier and which guarantees a fast return on investment.


In order to improve the production quality and to control all the production processes internally, GVF Impianti Srl has decided to request and obtain the WPS (Welding Procedure Standard) certification.

The company is now able to produce PED compliant vessels for its pneumatic conveyors, certified by TÜV (CE0948).

Indeed, the management strongly believes that the in-house production of products is part of the company’s strength, because it allows products customization and quality controls for the entire production system.

“Ideas, Projects and Solutions in order to provide our customer with the best possible product.”


The dense phase pneumatic conveying system transports the product at low speed, using a small amount of air and reducing the energy consumption.

GVF Impianti’s technology prevents contamination between the transported materials thanks to a process control that executes cleaning cycles every product’s change.

In addition, an innovative loading cone valve made in Ni-Hard cast iron allows to transport also highly wearing products with very good results.


What distinguishes all GVF Impianti’s pneumatic conveyors from the competitors is the special design of some components and the unique air distribution system.

Indeed, all GVF Impianti’s pneumatic conveyors are equipped with outlets made in Ni-Hard cast iron, and further strengthen by a thermal treatment, and very important in terms of performance is also the exclusive uniform air distribution system, which distributes the compressed air in three main parts of the vessel: in the outlet, laterally and in the central part.

To these features you should add:

  • a very low air consumption
  • an efficient air/product ratio
  • reduced product breakages and un-mixing
  • a low wear of pipelines and bends
  • low operational and maintenance costs

The company produces internally both the PED certified vessels and the certified pneumatic conveyor and it has developed during the years mainly four types of pneumatic conveyors, which satisfy different needs: GA (with loading butterfly valve suitable for normal wearing products), GC (with an innovative loading cone-valve for highly abrasive products), GA COMBO (compact, economical and modular for reduced available space) and GA-A (with load cells for product weighing before transport).

Finally, GVF Impianti Srl can supply also pneumatic conveyors for high temperatures and high-performance pneumatic conveyors HP type, for long distances and big hourly capacities.


In the pneumatic conveying systems’ production range GVF Impianti produces also all the pneumatic conveying components such as pipeline’s boosters, wear-resistant bends, two-ways diverter valves and multi-ways diverter valves (from 3 up to 12 ways).