Tecmes: Customized solutions for excellent performance

Experience and technological know-how enable Tecmes to propose state-of-the-art solutions that always fully meet customers’ requirements

ssembly lines for plastic caps

Tecmes team is dedicated to producing customized lines, based on customers’ needs and requirements.

Why choose Tecmes assembly lines?

First of all, they are reliable due to typical mechanical machines.

Tecmes guarantees excellent after-sales service, remote assistance, and specific training for operators.

All Tecmes lines are EC certified. 

Tecmes also builds lines with UL and CSA certifications for the American market.

Because they are accessible and easy to use

The linear arms mounted in the center of the rotative machine or linear conveyor belt, allow the operator a wide accessibility to the machine.

Simplified machine interfaces, PLC software configuration and HMI, ensure an easy use.

Why are they reliable and fast?

Rigidity of the structure and know-how of construction materials allow Tecmes to have a centesimal error repeatability.

Tecmes lines are characterized by operating speed of high standards which then translate into high productivity.

How is born a Tecmes line?

Based our 40 years’ experience the company has created the Tecmes Method: a clear and easy step by step process that will allow customers to have a customized solution


Every company managing product handling by pallets is the candidate for automatic equipment.

A reliable automation process with several benefits:

• Fully automatic, no manual intervention by the operator

• Easy to use, HMI with 3D graphics of the system

• Continuous pallet loading by the operator in total safety

• Configurable with semi-finished product depalletizing 

• Programmable speeds according to the process 

• Product expulsion on request at any time 

• Emptying function

• Wide range of cartons and trays dimensions

• Customized pallet and boxes autonomies

• Possible integration with automatic taping machine

• Cost and time reduction

• No pallet composition errors