Tecno System: extrusion lines, dies and calibrators for PVC window profiles

Tecno System is one of the most important Italian producers concerning complete extrusion lines that meet most of the needs such as lines with different capacity (5 – 350 kg/h) and for a vast range of purposes in the field of extrusion of profiles

One of the Tecno System most important businesses is the construction of extrusion dies and calibrators. The experience in PVC profile extrusion is very solid as well as design and construction of high-quality equipment for the extrusion of profiles for window frames, roller shutters, panels, cable management ducts, gutters and rainwater pipes, etc., under the well-known brand “B-TEC”. The recent merging with subsidiary “B-TEC”, an operation of significant impact in the industry of the extrusion molds, allowed Tecno System strengthening its own presence in the main market of PVC window profiles, proposing state-of-the art systems with the aim of consolidating the trust relationship with the final clients.

Tecno System develops and manufactures extrusion dies and calibrators for PVC window profiles in single and multiple strand versions, and for profiles with integral seals and multiple co-extrusion, making use of some of the mainly modern CAD/CNC technologies and 3D modelling software.

These pieces of equipment are characterized by very high-cost efficiency, easy installation, operation and unique ease of servicing. The use of non-corroding, hard wearing steel (> HRC 34) throughout guarantees a very long service life with productions of more than 6.000.000 meters of profile before overhaul and long cleaning intervals during continuous production, as the same as the stainless-steel calibrator basis (no aluminum, no plastics). Vacuum-cooling tanks, with independent adjustments for water level and vacuum, have a unique design of the vacuum slots that guarantee perfect shape, better gloss and low shrinkage and very low haul-off forces. Reliable adjustment system for profile straightness matches with long term stability of die gap dimensions for trouble free operation; sectioned band heaters permit effective control of the melt flow in daily production; central web lining in dies ensures a greatly improved profile quality and dimensional accuracy of the inner webs of the profile and integrated guide pins for secure mounting and servicing. Other qualities for Tecno System equipment are prolonged dry calibrators with optimized cooling efficiency for high-speed extrusion (production speed up to 5 m/min for main frame profiles), hinge system with security device for operators safety and integrated closure system and minimal energy and water consumption.

In addition, these skills also give, as a result, a high level of customer satisfaction, quality achieved by the final product, together with the renowned strength and durability of the tooling.

One of the rising businesses are co-extrusion technologies. The aim for PVC window profiles is to reduce the cost of the final product to oppose the ever-increasing price of the raw materials, press the global market using co-extrusion with the addition of less expensive additives or recycled plastic compounds. That technology involves the use of qualitatively superior raw materials for the external part of the profile, while cheaper materials are used to make the heart of the profile. Tecno System develops turnkey systems with conical twin extruders and co-extruders in order to obtain this result.

Tecno System also produces extruders and extrusion lines for different kind of profiles as pipes, technical profiles, building profiles, thermal break profiles with glass fiber, etc., as well as tubes made of thermoplastic materials such as PVC (soft and rigid), PP, PE, TPE, EVA, PU, PA, PPR with Glass Fiber (GF). Nonetheless extrusion lines for medical tubing made in PVC, TPU, PEBAX, etc., used in clean room environments. Such systems, as complete lines for the extrusion of thermoplastic profiles, are marketed with the “TPV Divisione Meccanica” brand, which has been a symbol throughout more than sixty years of history in the extrusion industry.  

Recently, Tecno System has been getting stronger and becoming a leader in innovative spiral hoses extrusion lines – 4.0 ready (DIGITS Extrusion lines) – composed by two extruders, one for U-PVC and one for the soft grade PVC. This high advanced technology extrusion line includes different strong points such as continuous marking of the tubes before they become spirals, fully automated cutting system, automatic tube ejection system, other than the fact that no operator is needed on the line during the process. Other flagship products are, without any doubts, the multilayer pipe extrusion lines, 3 layers or 5 layers, complete with OD control, inkjet printer, and a final coiler. An example is the multilayer process with glass fiber that improves the material properties such as dimensional stability, traction, compression and bending. 

As well as constructing extrusion lines with tools, Tecno System has also the ability to provide in-the-house technologies for mechanical processing of profiles, customer tailored solutions which represent a huge advantage. Its great experience in the field of mechanical machining systems of profiles (punching, etc.) allows developing integrated on-line and off-line solutions for extrusion lines which are strategic in the company’s market policy. 

The main features of Tecno System are: the special attention paid to energy savings, through innovative solutions adopted – for instance – on extruders and calibration tables; the ability to tailor the base units to the client’s requirements; quality and durability of the products throughout time (for instance, for molds its only use a top quality stainless steel produced in Europe); high performance. Last but not least, all Tecno System’s products are designed, manufactured and tested in the plant of Consandolo (Ferrara), in Italy, in full compliance with the European standards in force and applying strict process quality standards.