NTE PROCESS: artificial intelligence leads to green and efficient technologies

At NTE Process Research and Innovation Centre is possible to simulate the performance of different technologies in real conditions and have a predictive analysis of performance and energy consumption 

TE Process is the single source provider of turnkey systems with process solutions for Industry 4.0, ranging from dense phase pneumatic conveying to mixing but also liquid injection, drying, atomization, milling and dosing and in-line formulation to packing. 

The dense phase pneumatic conveying systems are equipped with the patented Air Assist® technology and are the best – according to NTE Process customers – for primary products in tyre production ensuring the integrity of carbon black and silica pellets (fines < 1%).

Suitable for low-speed conveying systems (<5 m/s) and long distances (over 150 m), Air Assist® technology has been innovated with the patent Eco Dense-Tronic®. Thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence, Eco Dense-Tronic® increases the system efficiency up to 40% and reduces energy consumption by up to 70% with an annual C02 saving equivalent to almost 3,000 new trees planted each year (results achieved specific plant configuration). 

Such equipment has a self-diagnosis and self-learning system with continuous monitoring of pressure and line flow, with a reduced degradation of the conveyed product (fines <1%).

NTE Process also offers the patented Blender M244 and Jetmixer® M531 air mixers with no mechanical parts in contact with the product. NTE Process’ air blender use only the “strength” of the air to get mixtures of products with different bulk density and particle size, in a quick and effective way, ensuring a specific control for the process requirements. Combining the air mixers with the Liquid Injection Skid M535, liquids are injected directly into the piston chamber. Such patented technology improves liquid dispersion in powders (silica, carbon black, etc.) by using air as a distribution vehicle. The system can inject up to 6 liquids at the same time, preventing the powder from accumulating on the nozzle with the drop effect that generally characterises traditional injection systems.

NTE Process Research and Innovation Centre is equipped with a full scale Pilot Plant – unique in Italy and one the most complete in Europe – where it is possible to test its technologies, perform both scientific tests and full scale tests with customers’ products (atomization, drying, solid-liquid mixing, parallel processing, pneumatic conveying, etc.) to simulate at best the performance of the different technologies in real conditions and have a predictive analysis of performance, energy consumption and all the details necessary for the correct design of industrial plants.

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