Binova Plastic Machinery: 2006 – 2022

16 years of achievements and approvals

Binova was founded in 2006 and springs up taking immediate advantage from the many years’ experience, developed in the field of the plastic materials extrusion, of its Chief Executive Luigi Maria Borzoni and the associated company Tecnova, who involve in their project a team of employees of great capacity and skills.

For almost 6 years, Binova has gained a full strategic autonomy, financial and industrial, in order to face present and future challenges with a strong responsibility in the decision making and in full control of its development process.

Main straight has always been the capability to develop plants studied on purpose to satisfy the customer’s exigencies. The flexibility and the persistent willpower of innovation allowed Binova to compete and counteract competitors famous all over the world with consolidated structures.

The first big project that Binova faced is dated 2008, when an important French company purchased a 4.000 kg/h recycling and compounding plant for polypropylene. The same customer, during these last ten years, committed to Binova the revamping of an existing single screw plant and the manufacture of other two for 1500 kg/h of production (the latest delivered end 2015). This is only one of the proofs that, once a customer meets Binova, does not find a simple plant manufacturer but even a partner always available to examine the most suitable solutions to improve and enhance his production potentiality and the quality of the material produced. 

Another strong point of the company is the efficient after-sales service that gives the customer the possibility to benefit of a wide availability of spare parts in case of need and a focused technical assistance. 

In addition, all the plants manufactured in the last eight years, are equipped with an Ethernet connection that enables the possibility to control, and eventually correct, remotely, the productive process of the plant. 

The most recent projects put in evidence once again, the willing of the company to effort the market and its trends, with more and more advanced solutions, such as:

• A plant for an important French customer, for the recycling and compound of ABS and PS scraps with the use of a 92-48 L/D co-rotating twin-screw extruder, equipped with continuous double filtration, for the production of high-quality pellets. The plant can reach an hourly production of about 1200 kg, based on the characteristics of the processed material.

• A plant for the compound of scraps of polypropylene, polyethylene and polystyrene, with a production capability of 1500 kg/h, equipped with co-rotating twin screw extruder EBB92/44LD and compactor, installed by an important Spanish company that, after having considered any possible alternative available on the market, chose Binova as partner for this investment. The company was supported by the consultancy of an important research and development foundation, qualified in the analysis of products and processes and their technical and economical feasibility. 

Binova will celebrate its sixteenths year of activity being proud of having acquired an important order backlog, and to have in deal at least three important and exclusive projects that will hopefully become concrete within the end of this year.