Filtec: the perfect example of innovation and sustainability

Filtec is committed to a greener future and guarantees every customer the perfect solution 

Born from the mind of Gianfranco Baracco, and today managed by his son Giovanni Baracco, Filtec has been a leader in the plastic material processing for over 29 years. The strategic organization, the passion of its workers and the will to constantly improve allowed the company to become a fundamental player and commercial partner for many different clients all over the world. But Filtec is not satisfied by being only a supplier: its target is to be the perfect solution for every customer and every need.

Filtec range of highly customizable products allows the granulation of plastic materials, including the more fluid ones that can be an obstacle for less technologically advanced machines. The Underwater and Water Ring systems are surely Filtec’s showpieces, but not less important are the vertical and horizontal centrifuges, screen-changers, vented vibrating screens and water filtering/cooling units.

Moreover, this year Filtec has decided to enrich its historical range of products, according to the market changes and evolution. Compact, easy to transport and excellent for producing minimum batches of material: the UW LAB is Filtec new machine. The structure and operation of the UW LAB are the same as those of a normal underwater pelletizer: therefore, all the advantages that are derived from a normal-sized UW can be found in the UW LAB but condensed into much lower dimensions and management costs. Suitable for any space, this new system guarantees reduced energy consumption, obviously without losing the efficiency and excellent performance of its “big brother”. The UW LAB has a maximum production capacity of approx. 40kg/h. It has been specially designed for particular needs such as carrying out laboratory tests, researching new materials and producing small quantity demonstrative batches. Furthermore, the UW LAB, as per Filtec tradition, can be customized in order to adapt to every need: from the connection flange to the die plate, up to the colour of the machinery itself, so that it can stand out or homogenize itself to your system. 

Along the range of technologically advanced machinery, Filtec has invested also in innovations regarding software tools: the new CRM tool for the commercial offices and the PDM tool used by the tech department are fundamental instruments. They have led the company into the industry 4.0, allowing it to develop even more and expand its influence. Finally, Filtec has decided to completely renovate its look. The new year will not only bring brand new machines and new ways to simplify their usage, but also a modernization of the longstanding logo and website. Filtec recognizes the importance of offering a fresh and modern look, to attract new partners and, at the same time, to prove to the loyal clients that the company follows intently the development of the market not only in terms of technology and innovation, but also of aesthetic and renovation. Both the new logo and website are simplified and intuitive with modern design and customer-friendly interface, all to show the focus of the company on being the best partner it can be.

This is a year full of innovations, but Filtec always shows its commitment to a greener future. 

Indeed, Filtec took the opportunity to teach the process of granulation and the recycling of plastics to children in first grade, to ensure that the good practices are transmitted among younger people and future generations. Filtec is also a funding member of the project Are You R, a community first born on Facebook and that can now count on almost 40.000 followers. The community shares the latest articles about technological advancement on the subject of recycling and about the results of these advancements. Not only that, but thanks to the YouTube channel they are able to reach an increasingly younger audience and transmit the culture of reusing products, so to reduce waste. 

But be aware, that plastic is not the enemy. This is one of the objectives that the project Are You R and Filtec have in common: that is, to realize that plastics are all around us and are very important materials, that need to be treated and processed in the right way. The increase in the usage of food and products delivery, electronic commerce and Personal Protection Equipment like surgical masks correspond to the increase in the production and consequently disposal of plastic packaging. For these reasons it is important for companies, whether big or small, to invest in new ways to optimize the processing of plastic materials.

These are the reasons why Filtec can consider itself an essential protagonist of the current market, and its will to evolve and develop will allow it to stay one for many years to come.