RPE SRL, solenoid valves manufacturer

With almost 50-year experience, RPE designs, develops and manufactures high-quality products and creative solutions 

RPE designs, develops and manufactures high quality solenoid valves, flow meters, pressure reducers, filters and fittings for a wide array of industries and applications. 

RPE has almost 50 years’ experience in the industry, offering its products worldwide. 

RPE is proud to be ISO 9001:2015 certified and compliant with international food and electrical certifications. 

RPE’s leading assets are its continuous Research & Development and the flexibility to customize products to customer’s requirements and specifications.

This company is continuously working in the development of new products and creative solutions for a wide variety of applications, including professional food equipment, coffee & tea machines, beverage & filtration systems, medical & dental solutions, sanitary applications, commercial cleaning equipment, marina applications, irrigation systems, steam machines, household appliances and hot tubs & spas. 

Discover RPE by application:

Professional food equipment: RPE’s solenoid valves have been developed and are used in combi-steam ovens, ice & vending machines, steamers and ware-washing equipment.

Coffee & tea machines: RPE solenoid valves, flow meters, pressure regulators and filters are used in espresso machines, coffee & tea brewers and dispensers.

Beverage & filtration systems: the solenoid valves, designed for water & beverage dispensers and vending machines can have 2 or 3 inlets. As they have been specifically designed for handling 2 or more different types of liquids such as sparkling and tap water, cold and ambient temperature water.

These valves are also used in filtration and reverse osmosis systems, providing flexibility and reduced dimensions for small equipment units.

Medical & dental solutions: RPE entire product range, from an inlet valve to fluid control components, such as flow meters, pressure regulators and filters are a perfect fit for laboratory equipment, dental chairs, professional sterilization machines, bedpan washers and disinfecting equipment.

Sanitary applications: RPE R Mini & Micro Series solenoid valves are widely used in electronic faucets & flush valves and 800 Series has showed great results and extraordinary features on automatic soap dispensers. All of these valves are characterized by their reduced size, extreme performance and resistance.

The use of high-temperature polymers ensures strong quality life under the complex and extreme conditions found in sanitary applications.

Commercial cleaning equipment: customized solutions for floor scrubbers, sweeper-scrubbers, carpet cleaners & extractors, floor machines for the professional and DIY cleaning industry.

Marine applications: RPE’s unique assortment and broad configurations make RPE products a reliable and essential solution to supply water in boat docks and marinas, as well as for sanitary applications in boats, cruise ships and working vessels.