PLASTPOL 2022 – a turning point for the processing industry

PLASTPOL Expo is Eastern Europe’s leader among the plastics processing industry events. This is a must-see expo, a permanent fixture in the calendar of many national and global concerns. This year’s show will be no different

This year’s PLASTPOL International Fair of Plastics and Rubber Processing is an essential step towards returning to pre-pandemic quality; last year’s autumn edition has already proved this trend. Not only did the processing industry find the autumn expo dates unfavourable. The preparation time was also pretty short; there had been only three-month before the expo commencement. Despite these hurdles, the organisers managed to attract all important brands operating in this business sector. According to all indications, the upward trend will continue this year.

Germany, Italy and many more countries join PLASTPOL

This year’s edition is marked by a strong presence of companies and institutions representing significant economic centres; for 26 years, German, Austrian and Swiss companies have perceived PLASTPOL as the place to prosper for important customers, new markets and key business contacts. This year’s trade show follows this path; Targi Kielce host  ENGEL, ARBURG, KRAUSS-MAFFEI, BATTENFELD- WITTMANN, EREMA, MEUSBURGER and EVONIK INDUSTRIES, to name just a few firms. Italy also enjoys a strong representation; the expo halls will be the display for MORETTO, MEPOL, CONFINDUSTRIA POLONIA and AMBRA POLYMERS. The potential of the Polish processing trade show is also recognised by global institutions; both the Embassy of Angola and Qatar Development Bank join the expo to present their economic strengths and advantages. Not only do they exhibit at Plastpol, but they also organise a series of meetings devoted to investment opportunities as well as these countries’ production industries’ development prospects.

The power of Targi Kielce’s meetings

The events staged in the Kielce expo’s exhibition space have enjoyed long-term traditions. Not only are we accustomed to the rich and diversified thematic offer and the possibility of expanding business contacts. The show is also the place to acquire specialist knowledge. The same is true for PLASTPOL, which follows a many-year example. The expo commences with the conference hosted by the PlasticsEurope Foundation Polska. This is where the Foundation has presented its annual report on the plastics and rubber processing industry’s standing. As announced by this institution’s representatives, the report contains detailed data crucial for further market analyses. The PLASTECH-INFO technical seminar will be an equally valuable event; the seminar’s thematic scope puts the last decades’ extremely dynamic development of the technology in the limelight. The scope encompasses plastic product manufacturing, injection moulding in particular.

“Over the past few decades, plastics have offered innovative solutions as the response to the society’s ever-changing needs and challenges; plastics are comprehensive, durable and offer great potential to adapt to various needs. Plastics are unusual materials, inextricably linked with industry’s and technology’s development, innovativeness and science,” says Jacek SZCZERBA, representing the TWORZYWA.PL website.

Knowledge compendium

Those interested in this year’s PLASTPOL’s trade fair and fringe events can find detailed information in the trade fair magazine, i.e. “PLASTPOL Gazette”, the special expo edition created by Targi Kielce, in conjunction with the TWORZYWA quarterly. The magazine is the knowledge compendium about the plastics processing trade fair in Kielce as well as about the whole industry.

The “Exhibitor’s Portal” further facilitates exhibitors’ and visitors’ experience; however, there is much more. The Exhibitor’s Portal offers the perfect opportunity to build your corporate portfolio. This is your chance to put your best foot forward.

The Portal is much more than a registration tool. Not only can you book your place for the trade fairs and create a company profile, but you can also find other companies exhibiting at Targi Kielce and contact them. The Meetings Scheduler function makes it possible to arrange meetings both online and offline. When developing your company profile on the Exhibitor’s Portal, you can use graphics, links to social media or upload videos (e.g. from YouTube).

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The Targi Kielce’s International Fair of Plastics and Rubber Processing PLASTPOL is held in Targi Kielce from 24 to 27 May 2022.