Color Service, high performance innovative automatic dosing systems

With a significant sales increase in 2021 and a record orders acquisition in 2022, Color Service enthusiastically celebrates its 35th anniversary with a commitment to develop continuous innovations

Color Service represents the most important Italian reality in the production of automatic dosing systems for solid and liquid products present on the world market.

The company achieved a significant sales increase in 2021 and a record orders acquisition in 2022. It is a perfect scenario to celebrate its 35th anniversary with a commitment to develop continuous innovations.

In 2021, pre-Covid order volumes and production have returned, with an increase of 40% of order intake in 2022, compared to the previous year.

After the expansion in 2019 with the purchase of a third building, Color Service has invested in its fourth production plant in Dueville with a total surface area of 4,500 sqm to meet increased demand with an expected start of production by the end of 2022. This new expansion will enable them to achieve higher production and turnover.

During the pandemic period, R&D activities played a vital role in the revolution of machines. Indeed, most innovations were designed based on environmental sustainability and Industry 4.0 regulations.

Color Service machines offer a significant increase in productivity and quality of products. It also guarantees improvement in working conditions and a remarkable energy saving.

In fact, the system is able to guarantee a high production speed and a refined dosing methodology. This makes the production process repetitive 24/7 and reliable, allowing the creation of mixtures of additives with the same specifications and a “zero defects” production.

The necessity of uniformity on the finished products is essential for all kind of industries. By optimizing and automating weighing operations, any chance of mistakes or human error is totally removed: the operator is guided by computerized procedures, which ensures superior quality, lower variability and constant uniformity on the batch.

Consequently, human intervention is totally confined to the fulfilment of raw material into the storage stations, while the automatic dosing system ensures the correct dispensing of ingredients according to the desired formula to make, reducing to zero the risk factors.

Weighing manually raw material can expose operators to the inhalation of hazardous powders, dust and chemical that could be toxic and carcinogenic and even exposure to non-toxic powders on a regular basis might cause respiratory difficulties. Automating the weighing phase, the discharge of powders and odors in the environment work is extremely limited thanks to dust extractors under every dispensing point as well as industrial wastages are significantly reduced thanks to the right dosing at the first time.

In addition, all the dispersed additives that are aspirated during the weighing phase are recovered and reintroduced into the production cycle with obvious ecological and economic benefits, in accordance with the circular economy production method.

The systems are user-friendly and software is intuitive and easy to use, allowing a quick and easy understanding; after the installation, the company provides specialized technicians to teach the local personnel the professional handling of the machines.

The customer is always supported also in the after sales phase, with a 24/7 remote assistance service and scheduled maintenance in order to ensure long term viability of installed systems and production continuity.

In light of this scenario, it is straightforward to understand the crucial role Color Service systems play in quality of control, traceability, safety, productivity, efficiency and reduction of costs.

This innovation marks a significant progress in the optimization and automation of systems and technologies, as well as representing a new and revolutionary product for the market.