Color Service: Automatic weighing system for pigments and additives materials

Sustainable, highly efficient and accurate are top features of Color Service systems

Color Service is the world leader in the development and manufacturing of automatic dosing systems for powder and liquid products for compound and masterbatch preparation.

Weighing is a key element of the production process for quality compliance: dosing the proper amount of ingredients is extremely important to fulfill recipe specifications and constant quality requirements.

In most cases, the weighing department employs operators who manually dose raw materials, resulting in a difficult and complicated management in terms of weighing accuracy.

To support this need, the company’s technology is designed to solve problems associated with the manual weighing of any kind of powder and liquid product and it is developed with the goal of achieving a  safe, fast and precise dosing. The aim is therefore the development of high-efficiency systems that allow to minimize the production costs and boost productivity while also improving final product quality, essential for the competition of all companies.

With the fully automatic dosing system, all processes are automatically monitored and data are recorded in the software integrated with the customer’s management system. The activity of the operator is exclusively confined in the loading of products into storage modules of different capacities that could be interchangeable or expanded in the future.

An essential requirement of a dosing system is the production speed (no greater than 1 bag per minute) with the certainty of high dosing accuracy and able to manage a large variety of chemical ingredients; Color Service, in fact, is able to solve the dosing issue of the individual ingredients, despite their different chemical-physical form.

During the dosing, a multi-scale conveyor completely aspirated through a dedicated dust extraction system allows high dosing accuracy of recipes that can be dosed directly into a cone or in identified bags created in a completely automatic way: this is a fundamental characteristic that allows each individual recipe to be traced. 

From the sustainable point of view, Color Service’s technology reduces to zero the exposure for operators to dangerous substances or toxic ingredients and provides absolute control of the dust emitted during the weighing with the use of Anti-Dust Kit installed on each dosing head, a completely closed and aspirated system able to guarantee zero emissions in the work environment. Furthermore, the aspirated product is recovered and reintroduced into the production cycle with obvious environmental and economic benefits. The company’s highest priority is to substantially minimize environmental hazards reducing pollution and material waste to create a sustainable finished product for the customer.

Another significant advantage is the traceability of recipes. Indeed with a manual weighing, in case of non-conformity, it is impossible to identify all the products that are affected by this problem downstream and it is difficult to trace the causes upstream that can be represented for example by an incorrect mixing proportion or from a non-conformity of a specific ingredient. Without expensive labor costs due to manual batch processing and profit loss due to recipe formulation mistakes, companies can begin to boost profits, while offering a superior and uniform product to their customers.

The company goal is the development of adaptive, technologically advanced, performing and environmentally friendly machinery in accordance with the concept of Industry 4.0.

This represents a great potential for the customer who increasingly requires reliable, flexible and safe systems in order to enhance the production in accordance with today’s trends, as well as representing a new and revolutionary product for the market.