3rd drupa Spotlight Report has been published

Via the following link you can download the Executive Summary of the 3rd drupa Spotlight Report in your chosen language (English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Chinese): Executive Summaries 3rd drupa Spotlight Report. The charts and infographics depicted in the Summary are also available for download (please scroll down).

The complete report is available for editorial purposes upon request. We kindly ask you to contact the drupa 2021 press team.

In a survey (conducted before the coronavirus outbreak) over 500 printers and almost 200 suppliers described the challenges and successes of launching new products and services. For many in the industry, planning their recovery from the coronavirus recession may well necessitate such launches, so lessons must be drawn on how best to do so.

Most market sectors and most regions present very challenging conditions. As for suppliers, they are only as healthy as their customers and they too must respond to the declining prospects for traditional products and services. For many the answer must be, at least in part, to launch new products and services.