Binova: innovation, sustainability and productivity in the future of thermoplastics waste

Binova highly competent team offers its extensive expertise to meet the demand of innovative solutions

The business initiative of Binova Plastic Machinery started in 2006 and it is oriented to the construction of plants to process thermoplastic materials.

As far as it may appear as a new reality, it is a much rather consolidated productive project, in which many professional figures, with more than 30 years of experience in the field of plastics, have emerged. A highly competent team joined Binova and decided to use their expertise for the design, for the implementation and for the machinery installation in the plastic transformation.

More in detail, Binova process handles with the recycling and the compound of production and/or post-consumer scraps.

The company business aims to meet the high demand of innovative solutions in the recycling world, a subject that has become a matter of urgency in the contemporary societies. In this regard, Binova intends to turn plastic into an opportunity rather than a problem. In fact, it undergoes a process of virtuous, sustainable and highly productive transformation.

Binova is aware of living in a very demanding society, which repeatedly asks for recycled products, that are able to maintain the same characteristics of the starting material. For this reason, it came up with solutions able to maintain a high-quality standard in the final product.

The high level of effectiveness of its process allows Binova to have a relevant position in the busy market, where there are many strong competitors, who have been in the business for decades.

These characteristics together with the innovative push, allow Binova to develop projects not only in Italy, but also in France, in Spain and elsewhere, in and outside Europe.

Binova thinks that the right path to take in order to increase the productivity, would be a particular attention to the Research and Development in order to come up with high-tech solutions.

For a few years, Binova next-generation plants have been equipped with a software able to control the whole production even remotely.

Binova’s innovation is oriented to the improvement of competitiveness. The company has recently developed a line, able to process in one single step what normally is made in two: recycling and compound, due to the use of a co-rotating twin- screw extruder, which guarantees till 30% in energy saving, compared to the traditional single-screw extruder. From a strategic point of view, it is a competitive line that reduces costs, optimizes the time production, and improves the distribution of resources.

Binova’s ambition to excellence respects the principle of flexibility. Binova designs ad hoc plants, equipped with highly personalized configurations, that represents the perfect solution for any necessity.

Binova has a close relationship with its clients, with whom it acts more like partners rather than suppliers. It offers support service and assistance during the entire professional relationship, from the highly qualified personnel of technical consulting post sales and from the ordinary plants’ maintenance to the special maintenance.

Today more than ever, in an always more evolving market, are the bravest choices that make the difference. In 2017, Binova gained a fully strategic autonomy, financial and industrial, in order to face present and future challenges with a strong responsibility in the decision making and in full control of its process. It has recently invested in the acquisition of machine tools in order to guarantee much rapider deliveries and become more competitive.

The constant and consolidated growth leads its future ambition to seek advanced solutions.

It is with the same ambition that Binova wants to improve itself in the various world of plastics, which it will not stop exploring.