PRESMA: tailor-made solutions featuring high-tech automation

PRESMA is the only company to produce specific models for the moulding of resin corks for enological use

PRESMA, a leading manufacturer of multi-station injection moulding machines for thermoplastics, is the only company that produces specific models for the moulding of resin corks for enological use.

The specific range for this field can count on 4 models based on productivity and final application.

These machines are offered not only for the production of cylindrical wine corks, that can be personalized with raised logos on both sides, in two colours/materials, but also for “T” closures used for spirits and drip caps for oils.

For these last two models, considering the number of different versions with different dimensions and configurations, we designed tailor-made solutions equipped with high tech automation that guarantees constant production and quality of the product.

ROTO T1/24, the less productive model of the range, is offered as standard, XL and XXL that can be equipped with insert loaders, to allow the manufacturing of T Corks with heads up to 50mm diameter and 48 mm in height. Its main feature is the vertical mould holding table. It can be offered as a hybrid or fully electric machine (except model XXL) that can reach a production, when moulding small corks, from 1200 to 1500 pieces/hour. For the higher injected volumes with longer cooling times the output decreases to 700/800 pieces/hour.

ROTO T1/48 V EL stems from the need to produce “T” corks with the automatic loading of different size of plastic and wooden caps, without mould changing.

The machine, which is equipped with 48 moulds for injecting the leg only, uses the cap as a sort of cover; its positioning is made through a double pneumatic slide. A suction cap picks up the insert and drops it onto the upper side of the carousel. During the injection process, a pneumatic cylinder mounted at the corresponding station, ensures the necessary contrast.

The hinged type horizontal plasticizing unit is equipped with a vertical nozzle head, injecting from the bottom.

This machine can also produce “T” corks, without caps, as well as wine corks; it is possible to set different parameters on a certain number of stations which allows it to run two different kinds of cork at the same time.  These are divided after the ejection process. The output is 1,000/1,400 pcs/ hour.

ROTO T2/48 and Roto T4/48 are respectively the mid to high performance models. Both solutions can be built as the “XL” version giving a maximum cork size of 38 mm diameter and 46 mm height.

The quality of the moulded corks is guaranteed by the direct injection into single cavity tools. In the T2 model, the nozzles are aligned with the 48 single cavity mould holders on the carousel; the T4 machine is equipped with 4 nozzles positioned by 2 overlying carousels with a total of 192 moulds. During each injection process, Roto T2/48 produces 2 corks, Roto T4/48 exactly the double.

With these 2 models, it is possible to run different products such as wine corks and/or “T”-corks in 2 or 4 colours or 1 and 2 two colour corks using different materials. If we consider single component parts, for both machines the cycle time is between 1,9 and 2,1 seconds, obtaining an hourly output of around 2,500/3,500 (T2/48) and 5,000/7,000 (T4/48).

Two new models have recently been added to the range:

the ROTO T2 / 45 which differentiates it from the tested ROTO T2 / 48 for the number of stations, the new actuation of the mould-holder table and the new mould opening / closing system, created to meet very specific needs in the production of particular caps T for spirits. As for the others, this model is also offered in the hybrid and electric version and can also be equipped for bi-material / two-colour moulding and with insert”.

The ROTO T-8 is a small eight stations rotary machine designed for the production of samples ensuring the same moulding quality as the “older sisters”. Due to the few mould-holding stations with which the press is equipped and the necessary cooling times, productivity is significantly lower. This version is reserved for those companies that need to do moulding tests, samples or even small productions and can therefore have a dedicated press without necessarily having to do it on production presses.

All the available models can be equipped with an insert loader for “T”-cork rigid caps and with pick-and-place units to run double-colour/double component corks in automatic (only by ROTO T/2 E T/4 models) mode by putting the part injected with the first component into the adjacent tool and moulding – on the second component/colour.   With this system, it is possible to produce corks for sparkling wine with different densities on either side and “T” corks with the “head” in a different colour

In the “fully electric” version, the drives of the “transfer” injection unit are with electro-motor driven by frequency converter for the plasticizing unit and with brushless motor for the injection cylinder. The table rotation is electro-mechanic.            

The reliable “Rotologic” software, entirely developed by Presma, guarantees an optimum management of the machine functions and of the personalization requested by every single end user. Also, thanks to its set-up for modem and internet assisted remote service, it is possible to provide a just-in-time after sales service.