Interview with Pilar Navarro, director of UNPRECEDENTED VIRTUAL FORUM

  1. We are about to start the UNPRECEDENTED VIRTUAL FORUM. What can we expect from this new online meeting?

It is a proposal that comes from the physical events and tries to explain the markets situation now.

It is a pragmatic forum for industrial reflection, in which the supplying and demanding sectors ask each other questions, solutions are offered in the VUCA environment we are.

The topics of discussion are established around the strategic axes of the sector: Circular Economy, Digitization and Technology Transfer.

Each of these areas is developed by the leaders of the sector, having a very practical and focused view in the moments that we are all involved.

In times of uncertainty, it is necessary to take a step forward to establish an agora of dialogue and agreement, which will help us to come out strong and together of this situation.

  1. How did the idea come about?

At the hands of the committees and the sector leaders, we have the opportunity to create a virtual discussion forum where the issues of the sector become relevant.

We have a clear bet for the circular economy with success case studies, such as BRASKEM, DOW, etc. Also, digitization themes based on automation process and collaborative robotics, as well as real cases of technology transfer in environmental projects, energy, food, and health.

  1. What news and surprises will we find in this virtual week? What topics will be analyzed in detail?

The most relevant fact is the concentration of all sectors of the applied industry in the same week, and in a virtual environment, with the celebration of the Chemistry Day.

News about waves on screens based on success Case Studies as mentioned before.

We will have world-class speakers like Walter Stahel, Luzia Burns, Felip Vidiella, Xavier Ribera, Larry Logan and Patrica Aymà, among others. They give us direction on the future of the circular economy and will tell us how the plastics industry and the chemical industry provide sustainability solutions.

On the other hand, and in the field of digitization, the great challenges and great solutions in digitization will be presented by the hand of Hisparob, Jordi Pagés, Jesús Bravo, María Benítez with the vision of collaborative robotics. We will also answer several questions with Julián Villalobos, Rosa Paradell and Alicia Richart who will explain how the industrial sectors visualize the arrival of new technologies.

If we move to the field of technology transfer, we will have a special day to speak about the dissemination of scientific projects, led by institutions such as CSIC, CDTI and ACCIÓ, which will present the action plans for each of the funding and aid programs.

We will have the Chemistry Day celebration, where we will talk about the reality of the chemical sector. Also, this day we announce the winners of the different awards of the year 2020.

In this forum, experts will discuss the importance of the sector against the development of CoVid19.

From the hand of the Forum of Chemistry and Society, and with the collaboration of all the entities of the sector, we will have the participation of relevant people such as Carlos Negro, Carles Navarro, Raül Blanco, Ricardo Díaz, Margarita del Val, Francisco J Fernandez, Alvaro Martinez del Pozo with the coordination of Debora García Bello.

  1. How does an event like this promote the national industry?

Establishing knowledge, scientific, technical, and business relationships. Trying to promote the essential economic sector, to be a reference sector and engine of the country’s reactivation.

Being a focal point to establish the new businesses of the future. Where science and industry meet for economic and social development of the country.

  1. Do you have any last words to invite our readers to the Unprecedented Virtual Forum?

I have a long list, but as keywords: knowledge, science, transfer, circularity, digitization, business, life, health… Endless of them that make us the focal point of the entire sector.

I invite you to participate through the accesses and motivate you to ask questions to be able to propel the sector in favour of knowledge, business, and quality of life for all of us. We are waiting for you!