Ideas for a greener future: Filtec is at the forefront

More than a supplier, Filtec is the right partner to choose to develop projects and to make real your ideas

Filtec is the perfect partner to combine vast experience and skills in the plastics material sector. The Filtec aim is simple: to be more than a supplier. Filtec is the right partner to choose to develop projects and to make real your ideas. The basic challenge is not to sell machines but to foresee the future needs of the market and figure on improvements and solutions.

Filtec product range is wide and includes screen-changers, water filters, horizontal and vertical dryers and vented vibrating screens. However, Filtec specialises in the pelletizer sector with Underwater and Water Ring cutting systems.

The GRO Water Ring Pelletizer represents the perfect balance between quality and economy and it is the correct approach to the cutting systems from 50 to 3000 Kg/h and more. This simple and compact technology allows an easy and fast cleaning during the switch to different plastic materials and/or colours, as well as a safe pelletizing process.

On the other hand, the UW Underwater Pelletizer is ideal for high MFI polymers. This system offers different advantages such as no faults in the cooling system, no stinking gases, a homogeneous product without agglomerates and perfectly spherical pellets. The UW Pelletizer can be simply activated with a button and it is provided with a fully automatic control system. 

FILTEC’s more than 1,400 products are settled worldwide with a throughput of 100 – 12,000 kg/hr., and it is always looking for the production of the best quality pellets with low energy consumption and durable and reliable equipment.

The Filtec booth is present in many exhibitions and conventions worldwide.

For example, Filtec is participating at Equiplast – the international plastic and rubber event in Barcelona, Spain, and its presence is confirmed at Fakuma – international trade for plastics processing in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

Filtec is the perfect choice for compounders, recyclers and all companies. Moreover, during the last few years, Filtec has improved its internal procedures by developing new instruments and management software. Indeed, the company has adopted an integrated CRM, useful for a better organisation of sales and purchasing processes. In addition, the technical department has acquired a new PDM, that connects the product code to the relevant experience in the creation of a 3D design.

A new project is on the way: Ecodesign and PPE recycle 

With the Coronavirus outbreak that has been affecting societies worldwide, Filtec has never forgotten one of the main issues related to plastics recycling and the circular economy. Plastic waste has been raised as a consequence of the single-use of plastics-made materials and the current hygiene conditions suggested by all governments. Therefore, Filtec believes that to move towards a circular economy more plastic waste needs to be recovered and reused.

Working fully aware of the importance of plastic recycling and reusing it is fundamental at Filtec headquarters in Italy. With this spirit it is actively committed to a new project promoted by the Veneto region and the EU. This project aims at the enhancement of waste originated from Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), including from the health care sector. It is carried out by developing a potential circular economy of the production of such devices. The potential steps include how to get the material and pre-processes, production, usage and its end of life (EOL). The whole thing is needed in order to accelerate the transition indicated by the European Green Deal and the Circular Economy Action Plan promoted by the EU. Thanks to this project, Filtec has been engaged both in the processes of recycling and in the study and evaluation of new bioplastics.

Moreover, in line with the importance of plastics recycling, Filtec is one of the 4 founders of the project “Are You R” ( ). The letter R stands for recycle, reuse, reduce and all those words related to the world of plastic recycling. Indeed, this programme aims at spreading public awareness of the environment and at the knowledge of the benefits associated with the recycling of plastic materials.

By talking every day about the re-use of materials from multiple perspectives, Are You R has become a reference point for tens of thousands of people that everyday exchange views with a common denominator: the willingness to play an active role in environmental sustainability

We recycle and you? Make your right choice.

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