Caldara Plast: a green future with the “Made in Italy” compound

Caldara Plast is a valuable partner for customers who want to develop new formulations, and offers the possibility to give a new life to production waste

Under the guidance of brothers, Massimiliano, Attilio and Alessandro, Caldara Plast is increasingly distinguishing itself on the market as an industrial recycling company capable of providing a 360-degree service: from recovery of waste material, scraps, offcuts etc. to the supply of regenerated compounds, including the new line of “Caldara 2nd Life” certified products. On the recovery side, the company offers suppliers the possibility to give a new life to production waste. On the compound side, the company offers customers regenerated compounds, such as industrial-grade granules and modified raw materials, all produced according to their needs. Caldara Plast is a valuable partner for customers that want to develop new formulations, thanks to the specific skills of the company’s specialised technicians able to meet all their needs. 

Caldara Plast products

The thermoplastic granules are intended for the automotive, furniture, household appliance and electrical industries both in Italy (70%) and internationally (30%). During the last few months, supplies to the international market grew despite the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The main compounds produced by the company are sinLAC ABS, sinBLEND PC/ABS, sinCARB PC, sinSTYR PS, sinMID PA6 E PA66, sinTRON PPS, sinPOM POM, sinGLASS PMMA, sinKRYL SAN, sinTER PBT, sinPET PET. Bio-compostable materials are also being studied in collaboration with the University of Pisa.

The great market demand for regenerated products and the desire to make them more and more recognisable, has led Caldara Plast to certify the quality of its materials. Thus, in 2020 the company obtained the “PSV – Plastica Seconda Vita” (Plastic Second Life) mark issued by the IPPR (Institute for the Promotion of Recycled Plastics) for a series of products. It also obtained the globally-recognised Global Recycle Standard (GRS) mark for materials aimed at the fashion and accessories market. These certifications guarantee the customer complete traceability of all components of the finished product and ensure that they contain a minimum percentage of recycled plastic, as well as meet strict environmental and social parameters in the production chain. 

The desire to stand out and the collaboration with leading companies in the sector have led the management to create a new line dedicated to certified products called “Caldara 2nd Life”, which aims to unite all certified eco-friendly products under a single brand.

To date, the “Caldara 2nd Life” green line includes the following products: 

– Compounds of ABS, PC, PC/ABS, PS, PA, PBT, PMMA, POM, PPS, SAN certified PSV (Plastic Second Life) Industrial Waste (composition of granule composition of 60-70-90% from recycled industrial waste in compliance with Italian UNI 10667 standards);

– Compounds of ABS, PC, PC/ABS, PS, PA, PBT, PMMA, POM, PPS, SAN, PET certified PSV from MixEco (minimum granule composition of 30% from recycled material in compliance with the Italian UNI 10667 standards);

– Compounds of ABS, PS, PET certified PSV from Separate Waste Collection (granule composition of 60-70-90% from post-consumer recycled material in compliance with Italian UNI 10667 standards);

– Compounds of PA, PET, ABS, PS, PMMA, PC, PC/ABS, PMMA, SAN certified GRS that contain from 20 to 95% of 100% regenerated plastic.

Large production capacity, speed and availability are the most suitable terms to describe this Lombardy-based production company, whose investments in the coming months will concern the production and business organisation, as well as communication and technology.

Caldara Plast wants to let stakeholders know that plastic is a versatile material, recyclable and reusable countless times in the production process, thus reducing the environmental impact. In 2018, the world production of plastics was nearly 360 million tonnes. The recycling of plastics allows a reduction of up to 90% of CO2 emissions compared to its production. Caldara Plast’s mission is to give a second life to waste, which today can no longer be considered a second choice but the first choice of companies that care about the environment. For an increasingly greener future. –