FB Balzanelli: Pipes in the DNA

FB Balzanelli stands out in  today’s market for its comprehensive range of automatic coilers and automatic palletizing systems

In the 1980s, the founder of FB Balzanelli Mr. Vincenzo Balzanelli was a leader in the production of electrical conduits.

Dissatisfied with the lack of automatic coilers available in the market at that time, he felt the urge to design and build his own automatic coilers. They had to be really fast, reliable, and guarantee high-quality packing.

Since 1994 when he built his first automatic coiler, a process of development and growth has been underway at the company’s production facility in Fano (Italy), which has made FB Balzanelli a leader in the automatic and semi-automatic coilers market.

Operating in the automatic coiler sector since then, FB Balzanelli is synonymous with state-of-the-art technology and high-quality automatic coilers for pipes. More and more large and technological pipe manufacturers choose FB Balzanelli because they are sure they will find the best solution for their production lines meeting a serious and durable solution for the next years.

The heart of the company’s mission is constant technological research and continuous improvement: which are possible thanks to the over 100 automatic coilers produced and installed every year around the world. FB Balzanelli is able to satisfy new customers’ needs and be prepared for a continuously evolving market with innovative solutions. The company has always been the most innovative in its proposals for the automatic coiler market, such as side-by-side reels, the fully pneumatic strapping unit, or the special haul-off to reduce the pipe ovalization.

Alongside its know-how, it offers excellent customer care service that listens to its customer’s production needs. FB Balzanelli was the first company in the sector 15 years ago to introduce an online catalog for spare parts and remote connection to respond as quickly as possible to any customer request. With FB Balzanelli customers are sure to always find the best solution in terms of both processing efficiency and rapid payback on their investment in the range of coilers offered.

Today, the company is able to offer the largest range of automatic coilers in the market, automatic palletizing systems, and is able to follow its customers during the entire production project with the best and most appropriate automatic coiler and full automatic coil handling solution.

You can find more info at www.fb-balzanelli.it