Lawer: Top-notch industrial weighing systems since 1970

Over the years, Lawer has developed advanced technologies and know-how in automatic powder and liquid product weighing to offer today top-quality systems

Founded in 1970, Lawer is an Italian company specialized in industrial weighing systems. It has developed advanced technologies and know-how in the automatic weighing of powder and liquid products, including pigments, additives, and chemicals, as well as single- or multi-weighing systems, and equipment for the preparation of compounds, masterbatch, handling and packaging systems. Its products, solutions and services supply the technical rubber, tire, masterbatch industries to increase reliability, safety, and efficiency. 

At the basis of all the production of the rubber and colour masterbatch industry are the recipes of the compounds. Complex formulations, expertly constructed with the contribution of many substances, whose quantities are rigorously predefined. The qualitative constancy of the final product therefore depends on the ability to feed the machinery of the mixing rooms with perfectly weighed doses and capable of perfectly respecting the proportions of all the required ingredients: raw materials, additives, dyes and much more. And this is where the competence and technological capacity of Lawer come into play.

Observing an ongoing trend among manufacturers to automate mixing rooms to improve product quality, safety, and hygiene, Lawer launched the second generation of its fully automated weighing system for compound and masterbatch preparation, Supersincro. 

Supersincro is a horizontal automatic weighing system for chemicals used in the weighing room. This system guarantees high productivity, constant quality, and complete process traceability and, at the same time, eliminate the “human error” factor. It’s a custom project that feed different materials, stored in silos, hoppers, big-bag, and interchangeable silos, in a variable size bag produced automatically. 

Supersincro allows precise and safe automatic weighing operations of the products, required for the preparation of compounds in automatic thermoformed bags, starting from tubular films of EVA or LDPE. The modular configuration is based on the number of products used, and the physical characteristics and the packaging used. At each cycle, the package container is placed on a moving tray and transported on a ring route, placing the package under the different weighing units. When the container is in the correct position for the product, the scale lifts the container and starts the weighing procedure. At the end of the loop the bags are closed and placed automatically in boxes or pallets.

Compared to the first generation, Supersincro V2 includes:

Higher productivity. Output up to one bag every 30 seconds.

Higher accuracy. Up to a tolerance of ± 0.1 gr.

Higher repeatability. CPK more than 1.67.

Higher OEE. Overall Equipment Effectiveness.

Higher flexibility & modularity. Custom project configuration, different sizes of EVA bags (from 9 to 36 L) proportional to the mixer size, and bag management till the mixing line.

Less labour involved in the daily production.

Environment respect. Latest component version that helps to reduce the equipment footprint consumption.