Negri Bossi: The synergy and the success

Negri Bossi to exhibit at Plast 2023 its top products and all-electric machines born from the synergy between Italian design and Japanese technology

The year 2023 started with the great success of the Italian trade fair MECSPE: visits to Negri Bossi’s stand almost tripled compared to the last few years, and in general, attendance was about 50 per cent higher than at previous editions. 

Negri Bossi can say that the trade fair sector has completely restarted after the pandemic and the success of this first fair far exceeded the expectations. The biggest event in Italy, however, is still the PLAST fair, which after the K is the most important fair in the sector, where Negri Bossi is present in stand C/D no. 121/122, in hall 24 with a space of no less than 410 square metres where its top products will be exhibited. 

In the exhibition space, there are two fifth-generation all electric machines, born from the synergy between Italian design and Japanese technology: the NOVA5. These machines, one 80 t and the other 180 t, print medical and high-tech parts, which are among the sectors most suited to the use of electric machines known for their precision, cleanliness and low noise levels, and in this series in particular they have features that bring great improvements in performance thanks to the new pre-pack system and the flat-clamp system.

The first system guarantees precise dosage of the injected material, repeatability in production and a compact and constant melt density while the second, the ‘Flat clamp’, consists of a new 5-point toggle, optimized to ensure total contact between mould and platens even in the nozzle area. This has also made it possible to reduce the size of the machine without sacrificing the space available for the mould and the possibility of fitting optional extras to make it more suited to your needs. Another new feature on the press is the new ‘Tact 5’ control panel with a 15-inch vertical touch screen at the top, which is easy to use and can be switched from one page of the control to another with simple gestures. This control was born with the new NOVA 5 series of electric machines and is therefore optimized for near-perfect cycle-to-cycle repeatability, also thanks to new integrated control functions such as Pre-Pack and the ability to adapt acceleration and deceleration ramps as required. The NOVA 5 logo has been updated with the words ‘Nissei Plastic Japan made’ to make the origin of the machines in the series clear and visible to all.

In addition to investments in the product, in line with the group’s expansion and business plan, Negri Bossi SpA is also making important hires of young personnel to grow within the company. For Negri Bossi this means a new lease of life and continuous updating based on solid experience and technology that has been handed down through generations for over 75 years. Negri Bossi SpA would like to take this opportunity to introduce 3 young hires who are playing a very interesting role within the company: Lorenzo Panigada, Emmanuele Luchetta and Simone Sardina. 

Lorenzo Panigada, after a two-year specialization in plastics, during which he acquired skills in processing methods and the main characteristics of polymers, is following a training course within the company that will culminate in the Technical Sales Department where he will hold the position of moulding technologist

Emmanuele Luchetta, mechanical engineer, in the process of obtaining a master’s degree in Industry 4.0. Passionate about everything related to technological innovation, at Negri Bossi S.p.A. he is part of the Industry 4.0 Support team to support customers in the process of digitising industry. Activities range from interconnecting machines with MES systems, providing remote assistance on problems that may arise in the exchange of data between machines and production management systems, and carrying out constant software updates aimed at implementing new machine functions and general optimization.

Simone Sardina, a graduate in Computer Science and Telecommunications and currently enrolled in the Faculty of Informatics, is in the Industry 4.0 team at NB. In the team, he is responsible for the development of software and applications with functionality aimed at the interconnection and interaction between the presses and the customer’s IT systems. Prior to this, he spent time in the production area at NB to study the operation of the machines.

With a view to the expansion of branches as well, young people were also recruited in NB Spain and the UK such as Nicolas Melis García and Tom O’Brien.

Nicolas, a graduate in Business and Marketing Management, previously worked for a multinational in technical sales. He joined the NB Spain team just over a year ago as a sales representative in the Valencia, Alicante and Murcia area.

Tom O’Brien began his career in the plastics industry in 2016, joining Icon Plastics and completing a dual apprenticeship, one in polymer processing and one in maintenance engineering with electrical installation. Upon completion of his apprenticeship, Tom continued to work at Icon, doing varied jobs in both machine setup and repair. Later, Tom was offered the unique opportunity to work at Icon Plastics again, but as Engineering Manager, responsible for the machining and maintenance department and eventually the tooling department. Tom has always enjoyed the customer relations part of his role and was thrilled to accept a position at Negri Bossi. 

Negri Bossi SpA looks forward to seeing you all at PLAST and don’t forget to drop by!