Tovo Gomma: the transition to the future

Tovo Gomma boasts is future-oriented and flexibly follows the dynamics the market requires

In 2023, Tovo Gomma Spa will celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of its foundation. In fact, it was 1973 when Sergio Tovo, who would be supported a few years later by his business partner Enrico Conti, founded the homonymous company, in the same place where it then grew up to become what the market today knows as one of the most solid and reliable companies in the sector of rubber compounding, sheet and foam manufacturing.

TOVO GOMMA is today a company with a mixing capacity of 40,000 Tons, a turnover of 85 MIL\€ and about 200 employees and is believed to be one of the main players in the rubber compound sector in Europe. Compared to the 1990s, when the outlet market was essentially the local one, compounds and slabs are currently increasingly destined for export, having reached a share of approx. 50% of the volumes.

TOVO GOMMA has mixing lines for the production of black and colored compounds. The compound production plants are completely controlled by PLC, equipped with automatic dosing for Carbon Black, clear fillers and plasticizers. The other chemicals are dosed separately by a plant specifically projected for automatic dosing. All the ingredients that make the compound, including polymers, are managed with a barcode to ensure their identification and traceability.

TOVO GOMMA historically has a production of vulcanized rubber sheets, which has benefited from the growth and technological improvements of the compounding part.

For the production of slabs, Tovo Gomma uses continuous vulcanization systems and compression molding machines, machinery for the production of foam and systems for cutting and applying the adhesive on the same slabs.

Thanks to cutting-edge technological know-how and the roller head calendaring system, equipped with an automatic gauge, rubber slabs vary in thickness from 0.3 to 10 mm, with very narrow tolerances and a completely homogeneous surface, thanks to the technology used.

Thanks to the investments made, today’s TOVO GOMMA is a reality able of operating because of its competence and therefore is able to implement the development of compounds for various application sectors, from automotive to food, from petrochemical to construction.

The R&D area is one of the sectors where the company has made the largest investments in human capital and today feels up to the challenge of companies even more competitive in the field of technological development of new products, by applying the reverse engineering, when needed.

Furthermore, it has adopted an integrated quality system to ensure high quality consistency for its compounds and products (ISO 9001-2015), obtained in a way that respects the environment (ISO 14001) and stakeholders starting from its own personnel (ISO 45001).

The company will continue to pursue growth’s goals, but not only in terms of volume. The transition to the future will be based primarily on training and focused on personnel: in addition to a targeted training program, the goal will be to make the company increasingly appreciated by internal stakeholders and attractive to external ones. A refurbishment of the offices is soon planned, which will allow for a more modern environment suited to the needs of the structure, working on the distribution of spaces and considering the relationship between company functions.

The second goal will be the expansion of the production range: Silicone business unit was born in 2021; the focus will be on repositioning on market segments with a higher level of know-how.

Everything will be done by ongoing investments in R&D and with strong attention to ESG issues, in particular regarding the environmental area, more and more attention will be paid to the reduction of CO2 emissions and to the issue of reusing materials, minimizing the disposal. Sustainability and circular economy are always taken into consideration in every strategic choice.

The customer will always remain the most important asset for TOVO GOMMA.

Further to the strong changes of the business conditions, it will be important to have a strong orientation towards the future, cultivating relationships with industry associations, suppliers and customers, to remain flexible and follow the dynamics that the market requires.

Thinking about the near future, there will be two important appointments: Between 5th and 8th September 2023, TOVO GOMMA will exhibit at PLAST 2023, Hall 11 – Booth B11, with a stand set up for the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the company. Soon after, TOVO GOMMA will celebrate its first 50th anniversary with its employees and partners. It will be an opportunity for team building and to celebrate a truly special milestone.